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9 Best Axles For Polaris Ranger (Review) Any Rider Can Get

Get excellent performance experience through the best axles for Polaris ranger. With the axles, riders will get a satisfactory trip throughout the ride. 

There are numerous strategies to enhance the Polaris Ranger for the fairest accomplishment. From all plans, axle replacement will be the first thing to consider. Because with this change, Polaris Ranger will be able to give a decent impression to the riders. Aggressive driving is the main reason to damage the actual or replaced axles to get the more extended axle to be a patient rider. 

That’s why selecting an axle is not an easy job; this is the reason we bring you the easy choices to pick the right one for your vehicle. Let’s see which one will be your Polaris ranger’s companion. 

Comparison Of Best Aftermarket Axles for Polaris Ranger

[amazon box=”B071JZ75D4,B01ENVA60A,B07N97LLFD,B07N97LLFD,B07N97LLFD,B07XW6YRB9,B07XW6YRB9,B01AG1VHWM,B01AG1VHWM” items=”9″ template=”table”]

Top 5 Best axles for Polaris Ranger | This Year

Review Of The Best Axles For Polaris Ranger 570,700,800,900XP,1000

Here you will get to know about the nine best axles for Polaris ranger. Each of the axles will have a detailed description that will help you to choose the right one. 

SuperATV Rhino Brand Rear Axle for Polaris Ranger Full-Size XP 900 / Crew 

[amazon box=”B071JZ75D4″ template=”vertical”]

Through SuperATV, riders of Polaris ranger will get unmatched longevity by their 4340 Chromoly. This industry-leading steel gives the axles lengthy fatigue existence as well as maximum strength. With heavy-duty steel, Rhino Brand axles work much better than other axles.

These axles will not break or bind whether you do some off-camber severe route trucking or whether you are smashing whoops. The CV is designing in such a way so that it terminates a break-in term and offers you unique articulation positions. 

It provides a smooth extent of movements along with minor friction by housing and engineering precision cages. Every moment you ride the Polaris ranger, the synthetic greases keep the CV cool. 

Moreover, you will get a one year warranty with these axles that make your purchase more confident. In function and fun, these axles won’t compromise for whatever reason you used it. It won’t let you down in any situation.


  • Sturdy for rough usage
  • Fits perfectly
  • Very durable
  • Sufficient quality 

Customer rating: 4.4 out of 5

[amazon box="B071JZ75D4" template="horizontal"]

East Lake Axle rear left/right cv axle compatible with Polaris Ranger XP 570/900/1000 2013-2019

[amazon box=”B01ENVA60A” template=”vertical”]

The best part of these Polaris ranger rear axle replacement is its extraordinary compatibility quality with almost every Polaris model. The riders can select this axle for any other model of the vehicle. Even if they change their Polaris ranger, they don’t need to have to change the axles. 

East lake has used the Steel Shaft of 4340 Cr-Moly. With this steel, riders will get a chance to ride in any situation, and it will bear all the pressure without any complaints. This element will give the ultimate strength to the axles to work finely.

Rides can install it quickly because it is giving an easy installation process. It will fit perfectly with your Polaris Ranger and won’t through any tantrums to make your ride comfortable.

However, like any other axle, this one also has one year of warranty. The OEM replacement aspect is there for the riders as well. This axle will value your money and time. 


  • Heavy duty
  • Excellent product
  • Looks amazing 
  • A bigger shaft size

Customer Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

[amazon box="B01ENVA60A" template="horizontal"]

SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Stock Length Axle for Polaris Ranger XP 900 (2013-2018)

[amazon box=”B07N97LLFD” template=”vertical”]

For assuring superior endurance and excessive strength, SuperATV Rhino 2.0 went through the problematic lab and field tests. To make the Rhino 2.0 formula perfect, the team worked many hours on the trails and the lab. Their only priority is to deliver the axle that can be used mile after mile. 

This axle is providing the best way to get the longevity and overall strength of the Polaris Ranger. These two key features are their primary target to achieve the best quality for the rider’s convenience. 

They assembled the axles with 4340 Chromoly steel. Moreover, for better finishing, they consider the proprietary heat procedure. Both qualities make the precision of each axle by adopting the latest CAD technology. 

Nevertheless, with this axle, riders will receive 18 months of industry-leading warranty. So you can use it in extreme pebble crawling smackdowns, giant and high-angle tire mud transportations as well as desert racing by varying from 80+ mph.   


  • Easy to install
  • Incredible looking
  • 2X Stronger Than Stock
  • No break-in period

Customer Ratings: 4.9 out of 5

[amazon box="B07N97LLFD" template="horizontal"]

SuperATV Stock Length Rear Axle: ADR Replacement CV Shaft Rear Axles Compatible with Polaris Ranger XP 900 2013-2018 and 900XP Crew 2014-2018

[amazon box=”B0757WVZQQ” template=”vertical”]

The brand of ADR axles wholly assembled with the components of the axles. By utilizing boots of heavy-duty rubber, high-quality grease along with precision components, these axles provide particular precaution. 

These axles are mainly engineering to exceed as well as to meet the OEM of the riders. For the riders looking for a cost-effective axle, this is for them to get for their Polaris Ranger. 

To give it superior build quality, they came up with Chromoly steel. Additionally, this steel is enhancing the neoprene boots, synthetic grease, and combined strength. Riders will feel so much comfort because of the combination of the elements.

The installation process of these axles is right to the point and quickly does the job when you are in a hurry. These axles are planning with precision-built elements. You can rapidly compose the axles, and OEM parts numbers are also replaceable.


  • Reasonable quality
  • Heavier than stock
  • Incredible value for the money
  • Perfectly fitting 

Customer Ratings: 4.7 out of 5

[amazon box="B0757WVZQQ" template="horizontal"]

SuperATV Rhino Brand Rear Axle for Polaris RZR XP 1000/1000 4 / Turbo/AZ Gold Edition/Highlifter Edition

[amazon box=”B083P76K1V” template=”vertical”]

SuperATV’s Rhino brand rear axle is an excellent example of handling challenging situations like bounces, hills, or whoops. All these road challenges will work as if it is a perfect axle and made for these situations only. Moreover, you won’t feel let down by this axle. 

There is a time when riders were scared to knock with OEM shafts, but now it is not a problem. With these axles, riders can undoubtedly use the OEM shafts in any road condition. These rigid axles made for these requirements only. 

For a more extended fatigue power and strength, the team has used 4340 Chromoly steel that provides massive duty performance. The team of SuperATV has made these Rhino Brand axles to give a comfortable ride to the riders.

To provide the higher articulation angles as well as to exclude a break-in duration, they constructed their CV’s. Nonetheless, this axle is favoring with one year of warranty. Riders can use it without any suspicion then.


  • Incredible product
  • Works wonderfully
  • Awesome fit
  • Last longer in terms of use

Customer Ratings: 4.2 out of 5

[amazon box="B083P76K1V" template="horizontal"]

NICHE Front Half Shaft CV Axle for Polaris Ranger 1000 570 900 XP 

[amazon box=”B07XW6YRB9″ template=”vertical”]

The Niche axle has the quality of UV resistance and puncture-resistant. These qualities come from the neoprene boots, and these ultra-low-profile boot buckles help avoid water or moisture destruction. Riders won’t have to worry about liquid damage.

It won’t even catch the debris because it has the potential to resist the trash as well. For obstruction to wear, all the components and splines are chemically solidifying, then the installation heat-treated technique.

This axle is for those riders who want to get an axle that can outperform their actual driveshaft’s stability, strength, and life longing resources. This one is a high endurance axle that can fulfill all the requirements the riders want.

It has the added usefulness of existing 25% more than OEM linking. To keep the extended axle time in your Polaris Ranger, they have negligibly enhanced articulation of perspective overstock. Moreover, it is wholly assembled on the shaft comprising outer and inner joints.


  • Easy to install
  • Very good for side by side 
  • No fitting issues
  • Ultra-rugged

Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

[amazon box="B07XW6YRB9" template="horizontal"]

DTA P307307 2 Front ATV CV Axles Left Right Compatible with 2016 2015 Ranger Full Size 570, 2015 Crew 570, 2016-14 Ranger Crew 900, 2017-13 Ranger XP 900, 2017-15 Ranger Diesel, Crew Diesel; RZR-S-800 

[amazon box=”B07MY7TSC9″ template=”vertical”]

In the current DTA ATV axle, they included the new dust protection. This safety will get the most out of the way to keep the shaft from dust in any situation. Moreover, the axle but and ABC rings are there to combine with the dust shield. 

This axle is for the passenger side and front driver who can expect the performance and quality simultaneously. However, the axle comprises OE quality standards that significantly impact the riders to their vehicles. 

Nonetheless, this brand safeguards that this axle will have an easy installation process and good fitting quality. These things are only possible for the exactness of splines and threads. Even moly grease will help to reduce the friction as well as resist the considerable temperature. 

It has a limited warranty of the product of 12000 miles along with one year of the contract. For more assurance, the quality of the axles certified with the ISO 9002 and QS 9000. So you don’t have to worry about the quality anymore.


  • Looks great
  • Incredible product
  • Considerable price
  • Shows no problem 

Customer Ratings: 5 out of 5

[amazon box="B07MY7TSC9" template="horizontal"]

ECCPP CV Axles for 2010-2014 Polaris 800 RANGER XP/Crew/Non Crew Rear Left Right 2 PCS Complete Shaft Assemblies 

[amazon box=”B01AG1VHWM” template=”vertical”]

ECCPP empowers a shaft called 4340 CR-MOLY Steel that has a massive strength to ride comfortably. With this component performance, riders will get a stable and smooth ride. This riding experience will make their journey more valuable than any other trip. 

The premium and durable material shaft will transform energy efficiently from motor to wheel. If your vehicle is in high-temperature circumstances, then the grease is assembling with the shaft material will endorse responsible performance. 

This grease can provide this kind of performance because it incorporates molybdenum disulfide. At a much lower payment, riders will get a good substitute for the OE area. It is not a bad deal, while they will have the benefit and perfect same fit. 

It maintains neoprene boots 100% that enclose the housing part almost. It secures that no liquid thing, sand, and no leaking of grease could pass into the housing portions. Moreover, this material is elastic and chemical resistant, which will be a great addition to sustain the axle for an extended time.


  • Fit perfectly
  • Great quality
  • Similar to the manufacturer part
  • The right price with a nice build

Customer Ratings: 4.6 out of 5

[amazon box="B01AG1VHWM" template="horizontal"]

Sixity 2010-2013 for Polaris 800 Ranger 4X4 Front Left Right Axles XT Pair Driver Passenger R13WH76AG AR EAH EAI Crew Complete Side 

[amazon box=”B00T6SYVH0″ template=”vertical”]

The Sixity XT Axle specifies the specification of OEM dimensional. This precise specification will assure the riders of these products’ reliability and Polaris Ranger fitment. Moreover, you can trust their OEM quality because this axle is manufacturing under quality standards. 

They have made this axle fully assembled for quick installation, containing outboard and inboard universal CV hookups. So you don’t need to spend much time on this process. It won’t trouble you or your journey and always gives you a trouble-free ride. 

This axle is a combination of two features. One is adjustable neoprene boots, and the second one is a substantial steel shaft. Both components allow the axles to increase stability. Moreover, to expand the CV joint power, it contains grease of high-load-bearing moly along with the high temperature. 

Having an agile structure and showcasing durability has puncture-resistant neoprene boots, which provide outperform and take care of environmental security. All the high-quality elements will have reliable performance.


  • Worked well
  • Incredible price
  • Satisfactory product 
  • Fits perfectly

Customer Ratings: 5 out of 5

[amazon box="B00T6SYVH0" template="horizontal"]

Which One Will Be The First Choice?

From the above selection of axles, you might be confused about which one to choose. There are uncountable numbers of axles present in the market. Still, we cut that long list and fetch the top nine axles for the riders. 

All nine axles deserve a chance to promote their services because all of them have that potentiality. But it is also an obvious guess that all nine can't be the rider's choice. So if you want to get one answer from us, we will first suggest you go with the SuperATV axles. This brand axle will be a great choice than any other axle.

For the second and third choice, we will go with East Lake axles and DTV axles. However, Sixity axles are also a great way to make the ride memorable. Do check the benefits before getting them. 

How will you select axles for Polaris Ranger?

To have a buying guide to know which axles will be a better choice or selection for you is not a bad idea. For the rider's convenience, you guys can check this section to get an unmistakable idea. 

  • Material

The material of any product is always essential, so axles are not different either. The axle material decides how long your Polaris ranger will work. The famous 4340 Chromoly steel is the top choice for every company. Riders can be able to check whether the material fulfills their requirements or not. 

  • Shaft size

Shaft size should not be oversize or undersized. The wrong size will affect the Polaris Ranger performance. Know the right size of your Polaris and get an axle that can increase the performance quality.

  • Fitment

Fitting issues are not a new thing that happens for new products and services time. To avoid the fitment problem, you should understand your Polaris Ranger requirements at first then decide between buying its parts or not. 

  • Installation

As we may not be specialists in the axles' replacement process, we need that axle that can replace easily. Riders should get a fair and immediately installed axle to use the time wisely without wasting time in installing it.

  • Warranty 

Warranty products attract the buyers or riders most because of the way to get a definite advantage from that period. When it comes to a part of the ATV or UTV, then a warranty axle is a must thing to get. 

  • Brand

Brand equipment is always a big yes for the Polaris riders. They will not get an axle that is not able to maximize their vehicle's performance. A branded axle may be the right choice in terms of trusting the non branded axle. But that doesn't mean an axle that is not a brand is not the right choice either. 

Frequent Ask Questions

  • Are all balls axles any good?

Answer: Yes, in research, our team found that all ball's axles are better in terms of their axles. These axles are durable and much stronger than before. 

  • Are East Lake axles suitable for Polaris ranger 1000 axles?

Answer: Indeed, East Lake axles are suitable for Polaris ranger 1000 axles. You can undoubtedly get their axles for maximizing the accomplishment on each ride. 

  • How to know that the axle is not working well or damaging? 

Answer: After the more extended use of the axle, it will vibrate while riding, knocking sound, grease will be on edge or inside of the Polaris and also connecting sound when twisting.  

  • Is a branded axle will be the best choice than a non branded axle?

Answer: For Polaris Ranger axles, performance will show which type of axles will be an excellent choice. Brands will have a plus point indeed from the other axles, but that doesn't mean they can't perform well. Riders can take a chance with non branded axles by researching thoroughly. These kinds of axles will spend lower than branded ones. 

  • How will I know which axle will be perfectly fitting for my Polaris Ranger?

Answer: At first, you should know the model number of your Polaris Ranger before buying any extra part of your vehicle because if that part does not fit correctly, it will be garbage. So before buying one, you should discuss the fitment details with the buyers, or you need to be sure about the axles' size. 

  • How long can we use the new axle?

Answer: This answer will depend on your use of the Polaris Ranger or driving knowledge. If one rider rides a Polaris ranger without any aggressive behavior, he will be able to get the axles' best use. But if another rider will aggressively ride the vehicle, how will he be able to get the best service? At the end of the day, he will damage it. So your driving ability will decide the axle's existence. 


Riders need to view all the facts before getting the axles. Indeed axles will get the best out of the achievement from the vehicles. But you have to be cautious as well to get that facility for more extended periods. We can only show you the way, but you have to walk by yourself. 

Moreover, by analyzing riders' problems in this content, they will get the buying guide and recommendations. Eventually, damaged axles will allow you to know the defective parts through the sound or vibration. To avoid all kinds of issues, let's have the best axles for Polaris ranger. We hope you have an incredible Polaris adventure ahead.

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