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Top 7 Best Belt for Polaris Ranger 900 xp | Affordable Picks Top 7 Best Belt for Polaris Ranger 900 xp | Affordable Picks

Best Belt for Polaris Ranger 900 xp (Review)

Are you looking for a replacement for your broken drive belt? If that is the case, then you are hovering over in the right place. I am going to tell you about the eight best belt for Polaris Ranger 900 XP on the business. We purchase the product by ourselves, and there is no sponsorship.

So, we are going to be open with their advantages and disadvantages. Overall, you are going to get a clear view about some of the best deals on the market for your drive belt option. You just need to jump down and know what it has to offer for you.

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How We Picked the Best Belt for Polaris Ranger 900 XP?

There are many different available products when it comes to driving a belt for Polaris Ranger. We try to cut the number to the best 100. Even after that, we are still not in a comparable number to follow. So, our research team goes through all the review that is left online and talk with the regular users of these products.

Then the number cut down into half. Only the best 30 was purchased, and our on-field team uses them to get the true quality of the product. All the information is noted and provided to our writer team. He/she study the paper and pick the best few for the presentation. After that, one of the writers like me sits to present the research into word arts.

Review of The Best Drive Belt for Polaris Ranger 900 XP

01. SuperATV Heavy Duty World’s Best CVT Drive Belt for 2013-2019 Polaris Ranger XP 900 / Ranger XP 900 Crew

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Specialized Features

  • Better heat resistance and heat dissipation 
  • 3rd generation heavy-duty belt
  • Strong bottom cog of high modulous rubber compound

Once you have the best belt for your Polaris Ranger, then it is time for you to enjoy its hard workability. It is designed in a way so that you can get the best experience even on the toughest road possible. Trail or muck, nothing can stop it from providing you the high-performance on the road. Shock-load ability is also one of the best features that you are going to enjoy in the SuperATV Heavy Duty World's Best CVT Drive Belt.

Get beyond the limit as you have the cord rigidity, which promises to provide better grip and relief from an unexpected slippage. Miles after miles, you are going to get the same treatment from the World's Best CVT Drive Belt. Ride the way you like without compromising the performance of your Polaris ranger belt.                   

Thumbs Up

  • The strong and long-lasting belt for your vehicle
  • Removing and installing both are easy for this K&N Cold Air Intake Kit
  • The fit guarantee is ensured by the manufacturing company    
Thumbs Down

  • No negative found worth mentioning 
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      02.  Gates Drive Belt 2013-2015 for Polaris Ranger 900 XP EPS LE G-force CVT Heavy Duty OEM Upgrade

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Specialized Features

  • Long-lasting and Durable
  • Meet the OE standards
  • Excess heat resistance

One of the best things about this G-force Gates drive belt is that of its durability. The CVT on the title stands for 'continuously variable transmission,' which is known for its wide range of applications and long-time service. All-terrain is a fit terrain when you have the Polaris Ranger XP Drive Belt by your side. The performance will always touch your desire mark if you decided to go with this one.

It is specially designed so that you can make the necessary adjustment without any clutching. From excess heat to unwanted interference on the system, all can be perfectly handled by the Gates G-Force CVT Drive Belts. If you are planning on replacing your faulty drive belts, then this one can be a great candidate for your cause.  

Thumbs Up

  • Ballistic body armor material cords provide long-time durability
  •  It can perfectly fit with the OEM belts designs
  • This drive belt also does not ask for much hard installation work
Thumbs Down

  • Many users are not happy with their return policy
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03. Gates Drive Belt 2015-2016 for Polaris Ranger 900 XP Belt

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Specialized Features

  • Performance seal on all-terrain
  • Made up of durable materials
  • Belt slippage protection

Durability is an undetachable part when it comes to Gates Drive Belt. They all have this, and 900XP Northstar Edition is not different. Most of the features are mostly like the previous products with a few changes. You can get it fit on several models and use them for several years. Its quality allows you to make the best out of their products.

We have talked with the regular users of these products, and most of them are very satisfied with the quality that they are getting. You can also join the same club by having one of them for your Polaris ranger. Easy installation and affordable price range all make it a perfect fit if you are in search of a Polaris Ranger Drive Belt.     

Thumbs Up

  • Gates are known for its durability and several years of service
  • It provides protection even on CVT system interference
  • Designed to match the cog configuration
Thumbs Down

  • It might not get fit with the 2016 EPS 900 Ranger as per the complaint
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  04. Gates Drive Belt 2013-2016 for Polaris Ranger 900 XP EPS G-force C12 Carbon Fiber CVT Heavy Duty OEM Upgrade

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Specialized Features

  • Flexibility and heat resistance
  • Improvement in acceleration and horsepower
  • Speed control and adjustment on your hand

Gates C12 Carbon Fiber Drive Belt is known for its unparalleled horsepower for better performance of your vehicle. This is not the only thing that you are going to enjoy on this Polaris Ranger 900 best belt. It has almost all the top-class features that you might look for in a drive belt for your need. Extreme torque-handling capability is also on the list of its upgrade features.

You will not be going to see the regular fiber-loader rubber belt; rather, then highly durable carbon fiber is used on this Gates C12 Carbon Fiber Drive Belt. The manufacturer has proven its top-notch quality by testing it in different environments and proved effective in most cases—no doubt about performance and one of the best options for the drive belt available on the market.

Thumbs Up

  • High-strength and durability in a single drive belt
  • Dependable top-quality carbon fiber is used in it
  • Clutching free installation can be beneficial for some of you
Thumbs Down

  • Lack of negative points to share
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03. GBoost Worlds Best Belt – Polaris XP1000, 900, Ranger, General

[amazon box=”B07XSJ9J53″ template=”vertical”]

Specialized Features

  • Sidewall rigidity improvement
  • Durable even in the harsh situation
  • Flexibility on bottom cog uses 

We are moving from Gates to GBoost. They are both dominating the market when it comes to providing the best quality drive belt. Shock resistance is one of the key lookouts when you are searching for the best drive belt on the market. You will be glad to know that this drive belt has the highest shock load rating on the market.

It can even be resistant to the powerful shock of 400 horsepowers machine. Heat is also an issue besides the shock resistance. The high modulous rubber compound is specially designed so that it can protect the belt from extreme heat. If you are satisfied with both this point then, you have this product for your need without any hesitation.   

Thumbs Up

  • GBoost has the ability to withstand heavy shock loads
  • Designed to be compatible in all cases
  • Fit perfectly with most of the Polaris Ranger
Thumbs Down

  •         Some regular users are not so happy with the service policy 
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05. Genuine OEM – 2012-2014 RZR 900 & RZR XP 1000 3211148

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Specialized Features

  • Precious for better performance
  • Get Great Transaction
  • OEM provides great durability

It is tough to arrange the best belt for rzr 1000 list without a Genuine drive belt on it. They have proven their quality over the past few years with the top-class quality on hand. A positive reputation is hard to achieve, and they are not going to waste their own market by providing a cheap quality drive belt for your service.

If you are looking for something in an affordable price range without sacrificing the premium feature, then this Genuine OEM Drive Belt can be a great choice for you. You only need to make sure that you are picking the drive belt for the right Polaris Ranger as it does not fit well with all of them.

Thumbs Up

  • Quality in an affordable price range
  • It is durable and known for long-time service
  • Regular users are very happy with its features
Thumbs Down

  • Don’t fit perfectly with 2017 1000 XP
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06. Gates Drive Belt 2015-2016 for Polaris Ranger 900-6 Crew G-force CVT Heavy Duty OEM Upgrade

[amazon box=”B01MTAA3JK” template=”vertical”]

Specialized Features

  • Made up of durable materials
  • Extra slippage protection
  • All-terrain equipment 

Gates are again back on the card. Aramid materials on the body mean more protection on your drive belt. This type of protection leads to better performance and durability. Gates does not have much of a competition when it comes to long-time service. You can depend on them to provide you service in all types of harsh conditions.

Gates Belt 900-6 Crew G-force Heavy Duty is known for its right OEM fit in every single drive belt. Even if you are new to this type of product, you are not going to find it difficult to install if you can properly follow the guideline that comes with the upgrade drive belt.    

Thumbs Up

  • This belt is meant to exceed OE standards
  • You are going to love its easy installation process
  • All field-tested proven gates drive belt 
Thumbs Down

  • Some burned up issues are heard, which is really bad
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   07. CVT Drive Belt for 2011-2014 Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900, 3211142 3211148 21G4140

[amazon box=”B08DFQSRJG” template=”vertical”]

Specialized Features

  • Flexibility with optimal heat control
  • All materials are durable
  • High-performance cog machining

We are going to talk about the CVT drive belt. The belt is designed to provide you better performance in every aspect. The cog machine bottom and the top are curved in a way so that it can fit in the best way possible. Five different components are used in different sections to provide the best at your service. All of these features together point out sturdy.

Smooth engagement with a perfect fit every single time. Heat resistant and dissipation is also available as like all the other best drive belt for Polaris Ranger on the list. It has proven its strength with different tests and outstands most drive belts with double margin. Use the Car Finder to make sure that it is going to fit in your Polaris Ranger.       

Thumbs Up

  • Five times longer service comparing to others
  • It is made up of high-impact aramid cords
  • CVT drive belt offers easy installation procedure 
Thumbs Down

  • The downside is very rear in this class
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Our Best Pick - Polaris Ranger 900 Best Belt

All of the listed drive belts have their own quality mark, and it is a tough task to point out only one. The only drive belt which has the quality to stand alone on the list is the Gates G-Force C12 drive belt. Fit accuracy, durability, and performance are all packed in a single drive belt. The same benefits are also available in most of the top-level drive belts.

But the unique foundation and inside carbon tensil cord includes 1mm diameter together makes it our top pick from the best shop. Carbon materials make it flexible and provide a long-lasting number on its basket. Heat resistance and power improvement can make you fall for it. Have the best of the best drive belt for your service.  

Things to Consideration When Buying the Best Belt for Polaris Ranger

There are not many but few things that you must take into consideration when you are looking for the best drive belt for Polaris ranger 900 XP. I am going to talk about the most important three points for your buying consideration. Look them out, and that will be helpful for you to get the best deal all the time.


Well, everything we buy in our regular life is only on a performance basis. If it does not have the ability to provide better performance according to your need, then there is no reason for you to go for it. Drive belt performance depends on its ability to resist heat and long year services. It needs to be tested in different conditions and proved its efficiency. Going with a known brand increase the potential of getting better performance compared to the newly introduced brands.


Drive belts are not meant to change so often. But it will be possible if the product is made up of durable materials. Every single drive belt mentioned here is made up of durable materials. Most of them also fillup OE standards. They will keep up with the heavy shock and even the heats. If you choose to go with one of them, then you are going to get a great performance from it.

Perfect Fit

The drive belt is mostly flexible but still not good enough to fit with all the Polaris Ranger on the line. You need to be specific as different options are available for different Polaris Ranger. Without a perfect fit, it is unusual to purchase a drive belt only for the quality. There are different sites where you can find the information to choose the perfect fit drive belt for your Polaris Ranger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a drive belt?

In a vehicle, you need to connect the crankshaft with different parts like AC, power steering, alternator, etc. Drive belt works as the connection line between them. Without a drive belt, It is not possible to perform this certain action.

How much does it cost to replace a drive belt?

Drive belt replacement costs may vary depending on a few points. If you are asking only for the drive belt, then the cost will be around $30 and $80. You can do the installation work by yourself and keep the costing only onto that number. But if you need professional help, then get ready to spend $70 to $120 more. So, the replacement cost of a drive belt can be from $100 to $200.   

Final Words

As you are at the finishing line, you may already know about some of the best belt for Polaris Ranger 900 xp on the market. The ball is in your court now, and you need to decide you want to kick it or not. Our work is to provide you the information that you need to know about the products. Share your opinion with us and help us to grow. Thank you for visiting and trusting us. 

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