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Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette [Review] Pick Up Now!

An exhaust system functions to drive exhaust gas from controlled combustion into a stove or engine. The whole device transmits burned gas from the engine and consists of one or two exhaust pipes.

If you need to change any part of your Corvette, then the exhaust system will be one of them. By changing an exhaust system, you can get free from unwanted sounds, remove the poisonous substances, and purify the passengers’ exhaust gases at the car’s sound stage.

We have provided the best exhaust for C6 Corvette for you so that the car can get free from harmful components. Further, you will enjoy smooth driving.

C6 Corvette Exhaust Comparison


  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Extensive modern technology uses
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  • Easy mounting process
  • Excellent modular construction
  • Contain 3.5 double split round tips
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  • 304 stainless steel building
  • No cutting or welding needed
  • Include instructions and hardware for installation
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  • Easy adjustment process
  • Include instruction for mounting
  • Limited guarantee on the item
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  • Including all instruction and hardware for mounting
  • Excellent return policy within 90 days
  • Durable and lightweight
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  • Enhance strength and power
  • Quality material composition
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  • Self-mounting process
  • The higher functional and developed technology
  • Quality materials construction
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Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette- The Explanation of the Individual Product

Every product comes in a market with its distinct features. People buy this Exhaust system according to their C6 Corvette demand. Let’s know about the individual properties of the items.

01. Borla 11822 – Exhaust system:

This model is the best C6 Corvette ZR1 or ZO6 exhaust system. These exhaust systems are replaced by the rear silencer and the exhaust pipe of the plant mounted behind the rear axle.

The component is little inhibitory than factory exhaust systems in the case of exhaust route, rubber insulators, and protected initial hangers.

The primary features of the product include- net weight is 42 pounds, the model number of the item is 11822, and there is no folding system in this product. Soften tips on most structures are common.

Features and benefits:

  • Modern technology in construction:

The components are made by ATAK technology. ATAK technology is developed for the purist who chooses exhaust sound to their stereos with high performance.

The exhaust systems fitted with ATAK provide Borla’s highest possible DB (decibel) levels. 

ATAK systems are designed to mold sound waves and rely on them for high maximum volume, instead of lower brands that sacrifice much sound quality with larger numbers.

They are measured on a vehicle per vehicle basis and the most suitable sound is provided by the specially tuned internal mufflers.

  • Installation system:

Many cars have an exhaust system factory facility situated in the rear axle exhaust pipeline. Thus, in less than an hour, most of this equipment’s installations are finished without machine cutting. Further, the mounting process is straightforward.


  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • Extensive modern technology uses
  • Dual inlet and outlet system
  • Excellent finishing

02. SLP 32000 – Yates Performance exhaust system:

For the 2009 to 2013 Corvettes SLP 32000 is a quadruple axle rear exhaust system. These materials come in a market with 12 horsepower.

Furthermore, they come in a market with higher sound and greater appearance. The loudmouth system of this component contains resonators.

The primary properties of the compound include- net weight is 31 pounds, the dimension of the item is 28×16×12 inches and the part number of the manufacturer is 32000. According to your Corvette model, you need to choose the exhaust system.

Features and benefits:

  • Higher sound system:

The sound is rich and dominant and lets us know that you will come and your LS3 needs vigorous rumbling. A couple of polished stainless noisy moth resonators with the SLP logo are a secret to the exhaust system’s exclusive sound and output gains. 

  • Construction materials:

This device has 4 polished 3.5 double split circular tips which offer you the ultimate Corvette great look. The modular architecture helps you to move to quieter bullet mufflers in the Loud Mouth II style. The remainder of the exhaust mechanism is composed of 2.5 hands crafted stainless steel.

  • Warranty:

The product is supply limited lifetime guarantee. Amazon provides extensive quality products and they also provide an excellent return policy for their items. You can return your exhaust within 90 days if you are dissatisfied with it.


  • Easy mounting process
  • Excellent modular construction
  • Contain 3.5 double split round tips
  • Stainless steel composition materials

03. CORSA 14169 – C6 Corsa Exhaust:

The proprietary RSC technology of CORSA enables acoustic engineers to make a free drone exhaust sound. It is specially built to suit your vehicle’s personality.

Each system has been developed to boost car quality, offer an aggressive sound, and experience drone free during cruises. The gains in efficiency are not influenced by sound.

The primary features of the product include- net weight is 20 pounds and the model number of the item is 14169. These exhaust systems are highly compatible with 2005-2008 C6 Corvette models. 

Features and benefits:

  • Construction system:

LM Performance CORSA exhausts feature styles, various levels of sound and most devices offer various tip choices, including polished dual wall tips and dark stealth tips.

This exhaust system doesn’t contain a drone; hence this system is using RSC technologies to remove issues causing resonance or drone inland at cruise speeds. 

The non-restricted patented straight throw mechanism from this system decreases back pressures and frees extra power contributing to better torque and power.

An extra advantage is that you can conserve more money and power and little back pressure from your Corvette C6.

  • Sound level:

There are four various sound levels include. Undesignated default structures, Xtreme and Touring Sport with just one level of tone. Xtreme is their most noisy deal for those who choose their most loud and offensive sound system.

This system’s mid sound is a perfect choice for consumers who want a special and aggressive acoustic exhaust but don’t want it to be heard.


  • 304 stainless steel building
  • No cutting or welding needed
  • Include instructions and hardware for installation
  • Highly functional 

04. SLP 31077 – Chevrolet Corvette exhaust system:

It is the best axle-back C6 Corvette round tips 2005-2008 exhaust system. This product contains ½ or 2 double-polished tips and ½ or 2 in diameter. The item has a Loud Mouth unique feature.

The primary features of the item include- net weight is 33.5 pounds, the dimension of the item is 28.4×16.6×11.9 inches and the model number of the item is 31077. There is no folding system for this component.

Moreover, this item will give you a limited lifetime guarantee. Further, the product has very good finishing. 

Features and benefits:

  • Sound system and horsepower:

This model provides an extra 12 horsepower. The sound of SLP Loudmouth fatigue is rich and strong, which reminds everyone that you come with your LS2’s angry rumbling.

A couple of brushed, stainless Loudmouth resonators with an SLP emblem are the keys to this distinctive machine sound and output gain. 

  • Design materials:

This device has 4 polished 3.5 double split round tips that have the final Corvette appearance. The modular design allows you to turn to quieter balloons of Loudmouth II style.

The rest are handmade constructed from 2.5 304 stainless steel Loudmouth Corvette exhaust.


  • Easy adjustment process
  • Contain aggressive modular design
  • Include instruction for mounting
  • Limited guarantee on the item

05. Hooker Corvette – C6 axle-back exhaust system:

This design is perfectly compatible with the 2005-2008 Corvette C6 model. It has a welds quality design that provides excellent appearance and strength. As a result, you can enjoy very long-lasting products. 

The primary features of the item include- model number of the item is 70401312-RHKR and the exterior design of the compounds is machined building. Hooker continues to retain the claim as the winning header in the history of drag racing. 

Features and benefits:

  • Higher performance:

The output of your ride is powered by the store pipes. This exhaust system is a one-way ticket designed according to the specifications of your vehicle. Furthermore, this system is an improvement without which you cannot go without reducing the backpressure for substantial improvements in horsepower and torque.

  • High-quality materials construction:

The Hooker exhausts are made of lightweight 304 stainless steel materials and are equally spectacular with 4 inches coated, double-wall 304 exhaust tips to optimize power and design.

Hooker output exhaust systems are reachable in a wide variety of different settings including the back of the manifold, the back of the header, and others.


  • Including all instruction and hardware for mounting
  • Excellent return policy within 90 days
  • 304 stainless steel materials composition
  • Durable and lightweight

06. SLP 31078 – performance parts exhaust system:

This brand is highly suitable with C6 base Corvette 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. This model exhaust system is an axle-back system. Also, this exhaust system is the Loudmouth II model type.

This Loudmouth model has bullet type resonator and muffling system. Furthermore, the sound of the model is quite aggressive and strong high quality.

The primary features of the product include- net weight is 35 pounds, the dimension of the item is 35×18×17 inches and the model number of the item is 31078. But this exhaust system has decreased resonance and a throatier sound. 

Moreover, these components increase an extra 12 horsepower. This additional horsepower help to enhance clear sounds from your C6 Corvette. 

Features and benefits:

  • Extensive warranty:

This item will supply you better guarantee. They are made of stainless steel. As a result, you can use this item for a long time. Besides, Amazon is authentic source to purchase these exhaust systems today. When you will buy this item from Amazon, you can back this product within 90 days if you notice any problems with it.

  • Greater performance:

This model is built by following LM performance technology. LM performing has collaborated very nearly with SLP performance to provide consumers with the best known of its SLP Camaro and SLP Loudmouth systems with a wide variety of performance improvements. 

With these highly functional exhaust systems, you can turn your late model driving into a new muscle car like Pontiac Fire hawks and Camaro SS.


  • Enhance strength and power
  • Quality material composition
  • Greater guarantee
  • Longevity

07. Borla 11744 – Corvette exhaust system:

This construction is the best S type Corvette cat-back exhaust system. The high-performance stainless steel exhaust system T-304 from Borla has been constructed in extreme situations.

This design provides you more torque, distinctive, precision fit, higher engine life, and more power.

The primary feature of the item includes- net weight is 43 pounds and the model number of the product is 11744. This exhaust system also provides the Chevrolet Corvette with an offensive sound but the volume is 25-30 percent smaller than the ATAK exhaust system.

Features and benefits:

  • Construction materials:

Each Borla cat-back system, rear exhausts, and the header is made from authenticated T-304 stainless steel which is the same quality as aircraft. These steel products are corrosion and rust-free.

As a result, you will enjoy longevity with this item. Larger things don’t provide good results always because large pipes will sap the energy.

 Further, larger pipes add to the tiny frequencies that result in an unpleasant sound of twitching or droning. Borla Muffler and Borla exhaust system are lowering restrictive and retain high frequency and speed.

  • Very quick installation system:

The mounting process is very easy and simple. You can install this equipment at home because all the instructions and hardware are included in the package for mounting. You can mount this device within 2 hours and header mounting need almost 6 hours.


  • Self-mounting process
  • The higher functional and developed technology
  • Quality materials construction
  • Extensive warranty

There are some basic properties are described in a table of the products. The table is given below:


Net Weight

Vehicle Compatibility

Special Features

1. Borla 11822 Exhaust System 42 pounds C6 Corvette ZO6/ZR1 Clear sound at high volume
2. SLP 32000 Yates Performance Exhaust 31 pounds 2009-2013 Corvette Higher horsepower
3. CORSA 14169 Exhaust System 20 pounds 2005-2008 Corvette Higher torque and greater performance
4. SLP 31077 Exhaust System 33.5 pounds C6 Corvette Chevrolet Loudly sound
5. Hooker Exhaust System 33 pounds 2005-2008 C6 Corvette Longevity and a greater appearance
6. SLP 31078 Performance Parts Exhaust 35 pounds 2005-2008 Corvette C6 Modular design and easy to install
7. Borla 11744 Exhaust System 43 pounds Corvette C6 Highly functional

How to Choose the Best Exhaust for C6 Corvette?

Some common factors need to consider before placing the order for the exhaust system. The factors are given below:

  • Check Muffler

There are several kinds of mufflers but the purpose is almost the same: noise reduction. Its main function is to redirect the air movement. Along the path, the exhaust flows through porous tubes that cause exhaust gas to develop into sound damage, reducing the sound from the tail tube. Therefore, you need to check the muffler that works properly or not.

  • Check Resonator

Even if it is not a crucial exhaust component, it is also used because it helps to reduce noise. The resonators function by the rejection and reversal of sound waves and are normally calibrated to a certain frequency where the output of the engine is noisy or unpleasant. Hence, checking the resonator is also important.

  • Check Piping

It will not be a great deal to exhaust the gases beneath your engine where the fumes cover your cabin. To channel the air somewhere you will need a few pipes. Therefore, proper setting and checking of the pipes are necessary for your C6 Corvette.

  • Check Exhaust Header

It is the first touchpoint with the exhaust gases after the cylinders are exited. It is also a typically improved item in which hard cast collectors are substituted for tubular headers. 

The concept behind an exhaust header upgrade normally derives from the increase of the exhaust line diameter and the increase of exhaust scavenging by the advantageous alignment of the exhaust pulses. You need to test the exhaust header properly.

  • Check Catalytic Converter

This is the instrument that helps you to continue to breathe when going to Los Angeles. The incoming hydrocarbon pollution, CO, NO gases, and the transform into even less toxic CO2, O2, N2, and H2O are taken from the exhaust. So, it is also an important part to check precisely.

  • Check the Composition Materials

Check the composition of materials is also necessary because high-quality materials increase product strength and durability. As a result, you will enjoy long-lasting products. The stainless steel composition provides longevity to the item. Even you can follow the same method for the sounding exhaust for v6 camaro.

Frequent Ask Questions

1. How to buy the right exhaust system for a C6 Corvette?

Answer: The proper exhaust system for any C6 Corvette depends on several factors of the item. The factors will say what type of exhaust system will need for your C6 Corvette. The factors can be:

  • Exhaust size according to C6 Corvette model
  • Prices
  • Warranty on item
  • Materials composition and durability 

2. Will a C6 Corvette exhaust fit a C5 Corvette?

Answer: The C6 in the overall configuration is very identical to the C5 such that something after the exhausts and leading into the cat-back can be seen on a C5. Therefore, you can use C6 Corvette exhaust in your C5 Corvette.

3. Why change a C6 Corvette exhaust system?

Answer: A retail exhaust system will unlock the engine’s maximum power. It will supply the exhaust gases in your engine with a shorter, more successful escape path, making it a little easier for the motor to breathe. 

4. How to remove a C6 Corvette exhaust?

Answer: For removing the exhaust from C6 Corvette need some sockets, ranges, etc. 

  • At first, you need to remove the muffler
  • Then unlock the nuts and bolts from the piping system
  • Then unlock the resonator support by using ranges or lubricant spray
  • Then step by step you need to remove the entire exhaust system

5. Do all C6 Corvettes have dual-mode exhaust?

Answer: Corvette's model C6 base was manufactured from 2005 to 2013. Models involve the Grand Sport, Z51, and C6 base. In 2008, Chevrolet used the C6 Z06 in a dual-mode optional exhaust package known as the NPP performance extent to be installed in base cars.

6. What is the best exhaust route for a 08 C6?

Answer: Surprisingly, the stock exhaust of a C6 is very quiet. Someone use S type of Borla cat-back exhaust system in their 2008 C6 model. Someone use Billy boats with the header exhaust system. It’s fine and has a rich, drone free sound. Moreover, some consumers use an X pipe Borla cat fewer header exhausts system. The catless headers lifted the car even louder but the sounds of its much rasper rather than deep tone.

Our recommended Pick

If you want to hear a clear aggressive sound from your C6 Corvette, then Borla 11822 exhaust system will be a great selection for you. SLP 32000 exhaust system is used for making the higher horsepower. You can also purchase this model. Furthermore, for sports competitions, CORSA will be the best exhaust system for you.


Your C6 Corvette shape helps to describe your car’s personality. You might find that you will have different requirements based on the engine that you have than anyone running an engine. An exhaust alone will supplement and support the efficiency of your jeep. However, note that it compliments others.

We hope that the information on the best exhaust for C6 Corvette will help you to purchase your desire item. Furthermore, you will enjoy a highly functional, long-lasting, and reliable product.

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