Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton In 2020

This post is centered on helping you select the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton. You wouldn’t know how important something as small as a plug is in a truck until when you find yourself in a situation where you find it hard to ignite your car.

The spark plug serves as the powerhouse, which helps the engine of the car work as it should. Once the plug loses its potency and charges, it will be too difficult for you to move your car from one place to another and the best solution is to get a better replacement.

If your vehicle comes with a 5.4 triton engine and you are looking for the perfect spark plug to replace the dead one in your car engine, you’re just at the right place. We have the list of the best you can consider below.

Let’s dive in!

10 Best Replacement Spark Plugs for 5.4 Triton

Set of 8 OEM Motorcraft Platinum SP546

Here comes the first on the list known as Set of 8 OEM Motorcraft Platinum SP546. This spark plug is all you need to get your truck back in the right condition. It is the perfect replacement for all dead plug you might have in your vehicle, especially if your car owns a 5.4 triton engine.

The spark plug is known with the part number SP515. This plug combines the power of a platinum tip with the strength and resistance of a nickel alloy side electrode. The extended tip was developed to prevent fouling when the engine is on idle or at low speed. 

The design and some other components of the spark plug ensure it serves you better. It is exactly what your vehicle engine needs to fire up and start moving. The electrodes are made of nickel to prolong the life of the plug. Furthermore, you should never experience any form of misfires with the construction of the spark plug.

The combination of the platinum tip and nickel alloy side helps to reduce gap erosion, lower numbers of misfires to eliminate its occurrence and it helps to boost the overall performance of your engine. Also, it comes in the set of 8, and with its price, it is such a great investment for those whose engine requires more than one plug to work effectively.


  • Spark Plugs for Ford 5.4L
  • Platinum tip
  • Nickel alloy electrode

MAS Set of 8 Ignition Coils

This is a dynamic plug that fits a wide range of vehicles, and some of them include 2005-2008 Ford F150 F-150 Lincoln SP515 and many more. It is the right ignition coil needed to fire up your engine and get it to perform excellently without hassles. It is a great investment you will never have to regret.

You have every reason not to regret opting for MAS Set of 8 Ignition Coils as it comes as a piece of advanced equipment with first-class quality to ensure your vehicle is on the right course.

It is strictly supervised during production to ensure the quality is not compromised. Also, it was tested and ensured it meets with the standard requirement for your vehicle to function properly.

The coil boasts of thicker copper wire for higher energy ignition. The spark it gives is adequate enough to fire your engine to give you the best riding performance you ever desire. There are no or minimal that can compete with the MAS Set of 8 Ignition Coils in the market as of this day.

The performance of the MAS Set of 8 Ignition Coils is one of the reasons it gains recognition both locally and globally among auto-oriented personnel. It is durable, and it lasts longer, thereby contributing to the lifespan of your vehicle engine. Also, it has an optimized design for higher fuel mileage.


  • Thicker copper wire
  • High-quality mold
  • Optimized design for higher fuel mileage

NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs TR5GP

The NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs TR5GP is another type of spark plug that you can consider if you are in a confused state of choosing the right spark plug for yourself. One of the things I have got to know about NGK spark plugs is their longevity and durability.

Your order for one, and you get eight pieces of G power platinum spark plug which is a great investment instead of getting a single plug leaving you to getting a new one on the off chance the one you have run out of charges or go dead. It is a perfect choice for those with a vehicle engine that requires more than a single spark plug to work optimally.

If you are looking for a high performing plug for your vehicle, then you do not have to look any further as you have got all that your vehicle needs to operate well in NGK # 3186 G-Power Platinum Spark Plugs TR5GP.

One of the goods about the plug is that it reduces the number of misfires, it fires up your engine and ensures it gives the right sound without any sign of damages.

It is cheap and affordable and getting your vehicle this plug is a way of showing that you want the best for yourself and the lifespan of your vehicle engine.


  • Platinum fine wire taper
  • Platinum tips and pads
  • Tapered electrodes
  • Shaper spark

 Henbrs Iridium Spark Plug

The Henbrs Iridium Spark Plug is the lasting solution you need to get your vehicle running in the right way. So far so good, the plug is compatible with more than ten vehicle engines. It is not among the set of plugs that can cause quenching which is the reason most vehicle owners opt for it in the market.

It is a dynamic spark plug with high-quality material that contributes to the smooth response of the throttle. The spark from the plug is adequate to get your vehicle in perfect condition. The advantage you get from using this spark plug is that it has a long lifespan.

The center electrode is made of noble metals fuel economy. Also, it offers better gas mileage which is the reason you should consider it above the rest in the market. The design of the plug contributes to the performance such as extreme ignition and improved throttle response.

That which makes the plug unique is that it is made with high-quality materials, it passes through thorough screening so as to meet the normal standard and requirement for spark plugs. You are getting yourself a wonderful piece that will help the lifespan of your vehicle engine.


  • Center electrode
  • Platinum head
  • Extreme ignition
  • Long lifespan

AD auto parts Set of 8 OEM Platinum Spark Plugs

If you are looking for a long-lasting plug for your vehicle? Then you should look no further as you’ve got all that you need to keep your vehicle engine in perfect condition.

It is ideal for lots of vehicles, and we advise that you check out the list from the manufacturer to be sure your vehicle engine is compatible with the plug.

Lots of damages will be done to a vehicle that is using a damaged spark plug. Some will give a quenching sound, and some will not ignite the vehicle engine, and any effort to get the vehicle to work can damage the engine totally.

The Ignition from the spark plug is enough to get the best performance from your vehicle engine. The good thing about the spark plug is that it comes in 8 pieces and that makes it a perfect choice for a vehicle engine that uses more than one spark plug.

On that note, you have no reason to regret your decision to purchase AD auto parts Set of 8 OEM Platinum Spark Plugs. It is cheap and affordable, reduces fuel mileage, eliminates quenching, and ensures that the lifespan of your vehicle engine is not cut short.


  • Long lifespan
  • Reduces fuel mileage
  • Extreme spark ignition

Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug

With lots of numerous types of spark plug in the market, it will be quite difficult to choose the right spark plug for you. So, if you are among those who are confused, then you should consider Motorcraft SP-515 Spark Plug. It is one of the most popular options in the market, even if it has tough competition from other products.

The spark plug comes with a machined exterior, and it has strong compartments that can withstand the rigour and pressure required to get your vehicle engine in the right shape. It is one of the best you should consider if you have to replace your dead spark plug with a new one.

It only comes with one piece, which means you have to buy more than one if your vehicle requires more than one to work optimally. It works very well to keep the engine running smoothly without giving any sign of damages or whatsoever. It is cheap and affordable.

The platinum tipped centre electrode, and the pad makes it a perfect choice towards eliminating misfire and also helps to reduce fuel mileage. There are only a few spark plugs that can offer you all that you get from using this plug for your vehicle.


  • Platinum tipped centre electrode
  • Platinum pad
  • No misfire
  • Extreme ignition

MAS Ignition Coils DG511 with Motorcraft SP515 SP546 Spark Plugs

Here is a combo spark plug that you should not ignore. If you need an ignition coil and also a spark plug, then you should consider MAS Ignition Coils DG511 with Motorcraft SP515 SP546 Spark Plugs. This comes with a set of 8, and that makes it a perfect deal for those whose vehicle engine requires more than one spark plug to function properly.

The basic function or operation of the spark plug and ignition coils is to improve the engine performance of your vehicle and ensure that the long lifespan of your vehicle engine is preserved.

Also, it plays a significant role to minimize RFI emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and bring down tailpipe emissions adequately.

Installing this combo set on your vehicle requires little knowledge of how it works and therefore, you need the service of a mechanic to help you install it in your vehicle. However, you can choose to do it yourself, but you should know that it doesn’t come with an instructional manual or guide to do that.

The spark plugs are of great quality to high performance needed to get your vehicle to perform excellently. Not all plugs can fire up your vehicle engine to perform excellently and one of them to get the work done for you to enjoy the performance of your vehicle engine is this combo set.


  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Minimize RFI emissions
  • High-Performance Epoxy Ignition Coil
  • Spark plugs and ignition coils

New Motorcraft (SP515) Spark Plug

The New Motorcraft (SP515) Spark Plug is another set of amazing Plug needed to get the best out of your vehicle engine. It is compatible with most vehicle engines, especially 5.4 triton. You should check its compatibility with your vehicle engine before investing your money into it. It is a dynamic one to get your vehicle to run very well.

It is a set of 4 plugs for those who require more than one plug. Installing in the vehicle engine is never a difficult task to do for you even if you have got little or no knowledge of how to fix or replace a spark plug in the vehicle. The optimal performance of your vehicle depends on the quality of the spark plug-in use.

Some spark plugs will work for a while and then go dead due to the load and pressure exerted on it, but the case is all different using this spark plug. It comes with high-quality material; the durability is overwhelming, and it doesn’t lose its spark easily.

The spark it gives to ignite your car engine is extreme and powerful to keep the car engine in good shape. It eliminates all chance of engine quenching, and that is an obvious indicator you’ve got yourself a great deal that you will never have to regret.


  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Great ignition power
  • Minimize emission 
  • Increases fuel mileage


The HIVEHICLE Spark Plug is also one of those sets of plugs that you should never overlook in the market. There are a few sets of plugs that will improve the performance of your vehicle engine, and one of them is this plug that is built with high-quality materials and has it takes to get your vehicle into its best state you could ever imagine.

The spark plug is made from a high-quality material which is of a purified alumina powder insulator from Germany. It is made from a combination of lots of things and some include a central electrode, which is about 99 percent of nickel and clad copper and 360 degrees of welding iridium and platinum. All these contribute to the quality of a plug.

The plug offers great engine performance which is needed to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. It plays a major role by reducing the risk of breaking whenever the vehicle is in operation. It is cheap, affordable and durable. And all it has to offer is superb which makes it a great deal for you.

The plug durability is unquestionable as it boasts of trivalent metal plating offers superior anti-collision and anti-seizing properties while the triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage. Furthermore, the plug helps to increase conductivity and heat control for good performance. With the laser-welded fine platinum tip, be assured of reduced voltage for a consistent spark.


  • Trivalent Metal Plating
  • Increased conductivity and heat control
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Laser welded fine Platinum tip

Pack of 8 Genuine Motorcraft Spark Plug

This set of 8 plugs is also one of those that you should consider for your vehicle engine. It is built with high-quality materials that are viable to increase conductivity and heat control needed to generate the adequate spark needed to get the engine running efficiently. It is one of the best for those whose vehicle requires more than one plug.

To get your vehicle working optimally, you need a power plug that can serve you well against all the odds. The consistency in the spark production has lots to do regarding the performance of your vehicle. This plug eliminates all chances of breakdown whenever your engine is running.

It is affordable, durable, and long-lasting, which makes it a great deal for you. So, if you are on the lookout for a power plug that can fire your vehicle engine, you’ve got the perfect investment in this plug. It is very easy to install in your vehicle with the help of a mechanic or through DIY means if you know how to go about it.


  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Heat control
  • High conductivity
  • No misfire

Replacing your Spark Plugs

One of the daunting tasks you might be faced with is replacing your car plug. It is the work of a mechanic expert, but there are situations you will find yourself where you are far away from the reach of a mechanic to fix your car.

It is the reason we choose to share this vital information with you. It will help you to carefully and effectively change your vehicle plug without damaging anything, which is the fear of most people.

Below is the vital information you need and also some essential tools and materials:

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Torque wrench
  • Gap gauge
  • Rags
  • Spark plug wire puller
  • Spark plugs
  • Swivel Socket
  • Anti-seize compound

Those are the essential tools needed for you to replace plugs from your car engine. If you do not have any of the listed tools above, it will be of good to you to get them else, and you will struggle if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to remove and replace your car plugs.

So, let’s go through the process without wasting much of your time.

Step 1: Prepare the Work Surface

The first thing for you to do is to remove the plastic cover over your air cleaner assembly right at the top of the engine. You might end up making a whole lot of mistakes if it is your first time. So, I suggest that you get a picture of the whole thing before removing anything so you can easily get each of them back to the right compartment.

Also, you can easily label everything you remove to help you return to the right place.

Step 2: Disconnecting Attachments

Now you have to depress the locking tab to remove the ignition coil connector and then you can go on to rock the connector off the coil. Pulling out the entire coil can only be easy if you hold down the bolt.

Depress the locking tab (or pull up) to remove the ignition coil electrical connector Then rock the connector off the coil.

Step 3: Clean and Remove the Old Plug

The next step is to blow around the old spark plug to clean out all dirt and crud that has accumulated around it. You can make use of anything as the end goal is to get the dirt out of the plug.

Step 4: Check the New Plug

Pick the new plug and be ready to install into the socket where you brought out the old plug. Ensure it is clean, no corrosion, and then use a wire strip gap gauge only. Please ensure that the plug doesn’t have any gap. If the gap is too small, you can open it slightly, and if it is too large, you can just tap the side of the electrode to close it a bit.

Step 5: Install the New Plug

Now that you have the new plug all set for use, you can make use of grease on the spark plug boot as this will help to make it easier for you to screw in the plug and also prevent misfires.

Step 6: Closing Up

Now you can then go ahead to return the ignition coil and reinstall the air cleaner.


This page shows all that you need to know about choosing the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton. We have got you covered with the list above, and we do hope you can go ahead to make the right decision in the future.


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