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How to Install a Cold air Intake

Car owners, who truly love their vehicles tend to make a lot of useful modifications to their cars.

Internal combustion of a car’s engine relies on 3 factors, which are air, fuel, and spark. If any improvement is done in one of these areas, then the performance of a car can improve significantly.

This is where a cold air intake comes in handy, as it can boost a car’s performance as it helps in increasing the amount of air in a car’s engine and this results in increasing the efficiency of a car’s engine.

A cold air intake mod can increase the horsepower of a car’s engine by 5 to 15 horsepower.

In this article, you will be able to learn below how to install a cold air intake in your car’s engine.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Cold air Intake.

Like many car accessories, cold air intake mod also comes with lots of benefits as well as some drawbacks attached to its name.

The benefits of a cold air intake are listed below, 

  •         Cold air intake allows loads of air to enter a car engine due to which the fuel of a car is burnt more efficiently. The increase in efficiency of a car’s engine can lead to a good increase in the horsepower of a car.
  •         Another benefit of cold air intake is that whenever you press the pedal of a car, due to this modification, more air is sucked by the engine due to which the car can reach a high speed in a short amount of time.
  •         Another huge advantage of adding a cold intake in your car’s engine is that it helps in gaining an optimum air to fuel ratio in a car’s engine, due to which the fuel efficiency of a car is increased, which results in reducing the gas expenses of a car owner.
  •         Cold air intake modification is considered as one of the best additions in a car as stated by car enthusiasts. The reason for this is that it helps to increase the air intake in a car engine and as the flow of air gradually increases then the sound of a car engine starts to growl louder, which could make a massive impression on another car owner.
  •         Another advantage of adding a cold air intake in a car is that it comes with air filters that are needed to be cleaned only after 30000 to 40000 miles of travel. Cleaning these filters is very easy as you need to wash them with soapy water and rinse them. Thus, by adding this modification to your car, you are able to save the high expenses that you used on replacing car filters.

The drawbacks of a cold air intake modification will be listed below

  •         Due to this car accessory, a hydro locking situation arises in which the moisture from the car’s engine, which could possibly result in causing mechanical issues to a car such as bent connections rods.
  •         The addition of a cold air intake system causes to increase the expenses of the car owner as along with the addition of this system, a meter is needed to be added also because if it is not added then reading would be not correct on the meter due to which the ratio calculated for air to fuel will be false.
  •         When you add cold air intake to a car’s engine, It helps in absorbing too much air in a car’s engine, the sound of the car’s engine tends to increase, which is able to annoy many car owners as well as the people surrounding the car.

How to install a cold air intake system in your car?

Below steps will be mentioned thoroughly which you can easily learn how to install a cold air intake system in your car.

  •       You need to know the correct specifications of your car such as the model, the year of its manufacturing, and the type of engine in the car.
  •       There is a variety of cold air intake systems available in the market, so you should choose the one, which fulfills all your requirements.
  •       Unplug the battery of your car and leave it alone for some time so that it can cool down.
  •       Find the air intake, which looks like a large plastic tube.
  •       Use a wrench so that you can unbolt the nut attached and remove the air intake system, the air filter, the filter box, and the tube connecting the filter to the engine.
  •       Take the cold air intake system and follow the instructions on its box, which can tell which part to install first. Once the system is installed, attached the sensors that were removed first and also install a new air filter.
  •       Make sure that the new cold air system is properly placed and does not strike with other engine components
  •       Attach the positive terminal of the batter first and then the negative terminal.

Bottom line

All in All, the cold air intake system can be considered a great addition to the engine of your car as it comes at a very affordable price and if you install it in your car’s engine then you are provided with abundant of benefits such as saving you huge expenses as you would have good gas mileage and don’t need regular replacement of a car filter.

You can easily install this accessory in your car, simply by following the steps mentioned above in the article, which can teach you how to install a cold air intake system.

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