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How to Install Rear View Mirror on Polaris Ranger - Let's Go How to Install Rear View Mirror on Polaris Ranger - Let's Go

How to Install Rear View Mirror on Polaris Ranger

Do you own a Polaris Ranger, but don’t know how to install a rear-view mirror? Are you feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do?

Installing the rear-view mirror on your Polaris Ranger can be a daunting and difficult task. If done incorrectly it can cause permanent damage, put a strain on other parts of the machine and jar the front-end alignment.

However, once you understand what tools and parts are needed to complete the job, it’s actually a much simpler process than you probably think! In this guide, we will walk you through step by step how to install a new rearview mirror on your Polaris Ranger quickly and efficiently.

What Tools Do You Need to Install The Rear View Mirror?

  1. Phillips screwdriver
  2. Socket wrench set
  3. Ratchet
  4. Rearview mirror kit for the Polaris Ranger
  5. Drill and drill bit (optional)
  6. Silicone sealant (optional)

Four Methods of How to Install a Rear View Mirror on a Polaris Ranger

Remove Interior Panels

Removing interior panels is the first step when installing a rearview mirror in your Polaris Ranger. It is an important part of ensuring that the mirror is properly secured. Before beginning, you should make sure that the vehicle’s engine is off and that all doors and windows are closed.

Additionally, it may be helpful to have a few basic tools on hand such as Phillips head screwdrivers, flathead screwdrivers, and a panel removal tool. Start by using the panel removal tool or flathead screwdriver to carefully remove any screws or clips securing the interior panels in place.

Once these have been removed, use your hands to gently pry away the panels from their mountings until they can be removed entirely from their positions. Be careful not to damage any wiring or components while doing this as they could cause problems later on if they are disrupted too much during installation.

Secure Mirror Mounts

When installing a rearview mirror on your Polaris Ranger, it is important to make sure that the mirror mounts are secured. Mirror mounts help keep the rearview mirror in place while you drive and can provide additional protection when going off-road.

Here will explain how to ensure that your mirror mounts are properly secured when installing a rearview mirror on your Polaris Ranger. The first step is to get the right type of mirror for your Ranger. Make sure they fit securely into the mount before moving on to the next step.

Once you have chosen and installed the mirrors, take a look at their mounting points. You want to make sure that all of them are correctly lined up with each other so that they won’t be too loose or too tight when you’re driving.

Connect Wiring Harness

Having a rear-view mirror in your Polaris Ranger is great for safety, giving you clear visibility of what’s behind you. Getting there isn’t always easy though! Installing a rearview mirror can be tricky, and step three of the process involves connecting the wiring harness.

It can be intimidating at first, but with these tips, you’ll have your new rearview mirror up and running in no time. Start by disconnecting the battery from the Ranger; this will prevent any electrical shock or issues while installing. Next, plug one end of the wiring harness into the back of your new rearview mirror and then attach it to the correct port on your vehicle.

Secure all connections tight to avoid any connection problems later on down the line. Finally, test out that everything works properly before reconnecting your battery and heading out on that next off-roading adventure!

Insert Mirrors and Test

The last step in the process of installing a rear view mirror on a Polaris Ranger is to insert mirrors and test them. This is an important step because it allows the user to ensure that their installed mirrors are properly aligned and functioning correctly. It is necessary for any off-roading operation, as well as providing safety when driving.

To begin this process, first, locate two suitable mounting points at equal distances from each other on the vehicle’s cabin or roof structure. Once found, mount the appropriate U-brackets and then attach both of the mirrors in place with bolts provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that all of these screws are tightened securely so that they don’t come loose during use.

After both mirrors have been secured, stand back and check for proper alignment with your eyes – making sure that it is level with no gaps or obstructions between them.

How to Install Rear View Mirror on Polaris Ranger

Carefully Point Keep In Mind – After Install Install a Rear View Mirror on a Polaris Ranger

After you have installed the rearview mirror, it is important to test that it is securely mounted and functioning properly. Start by sitting in the driver’s seat of your Polaris Ranger and checking that the rearview mirror is securely attached to the roll cage or frame tubing.

Next, turn on your Polaris Ranger and check that the rearview mirror does not vibrate excessively when driving. If it does, you may need to use some silicone sealant around the mounting bracket to help reduce vibration.

Finally, make sure that you can clearly see out of the rearview mirror while driving your Polaris Ranger. If there are any obstructions or if visibility is poor, you may need to adjust the angle of the mirror or move it further away from your vehicle body for better visibility.


Installing a rearview mirror to your Polaris Ranger is an easy task that can be completed in just a few simple steps. The entire process takes less than an hour and requires minimal tools. With the proper care and attention, you can have a functional rear-view mirror all set up in no time.

To begin, remove the old mirror by unscrewing it from its mounting bracket and sliding out the wiring harness. Then, mount the new mirror onto the bracket using the provided screws or bolts. Once it’s secure, plug in the wiring harness connector to its corresponding area on the back of the mirror. Finally, adjust your new rearview mirror until you get an optimal angle of visibility, and then you’re ready to go!

Installing a rearview mirror on your Polaris Ranger is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require any special knowledge or skillset.

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