Best Brake Pads for f250 Super Duty In 2020

The brake pads are deemed to be expendable. Naturally, they tend to wear off after constant use. The lifespan of the pads is determined by a quite number of factors like environment, driving style, weight, and size.

That is to say; you have to always inspect the brake components on a regular basis to see if they are in good condition.

However, there is no one-size-fit-it-all brake pad in the market. Each brake pads are meant for a particular model of vehicle.

This means if you have to buy one, ensure to check it is compatible with the model of vehicle you have. Below are our ten best brake pads for F250 Super Duty Ford.

Affordable Brake Pads for f250 Super Duty

Rear Brake Dust Shield Backing Plates Pair

Highlighted Features

  • Features a corrosion-resistant steel construction
  • Package includes a pair of the rear brake dust shield
  • I year warranty

We would not have thought of putting this product in the first position on our list. But we had no choice as it is the cheapest after all without having on the efficiency, you’ll experience with your brake system. 

This model comes with a protective finish that provides corrosion protection overall for non-contact areas and has many applications including high-performance street driving, drifting, short track runs, truck or SUV use, and normal street driving.

The beveled precision drill holes are engineered to reduce rotor temperature, especially when under extreme braking conditions. The rounded slots maintain a clear contact patch that separates the pad and the roto; it cleans away all particulates.

If you have any vehicle that features a rear-facing brake caliper on the rear driver side with OE Number: 4C3Z2210AA 4C3Z2209AA, then you are going to enjoy this brake pad kit.

The design is such that allows for easy installation. And the fact that this kit is made of steel is an assurance that your brake system is resistant to rust, thus ensuring a long time of use.

In the kitchen, you’ll find a pair of rear brake dust shields and every other part that’ll make installation a breeze.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to fix
  • Design is simple
  • The price tag is affordable

Detroit Axle – Pair (2) Rear Disc Brake Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Authentic 100% Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Installation Hardware Included
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • The Detroit Axle – Pair (2) Rear Disc Brake Kit is our second-best if you need something durable, sturdy, and reliable.

The main feature of the Detroit Axle – Pair (2) Rear Disc Brake, which we feel is its best feature is its versatility. It can perfectly work with a variety of vehicles such as the Cadillac2000-2005 Ford Excursion – [1999-2004 Ford F-250 Super Duty] – 1999-2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty (with Single Rear Wheels ONLY; SRW), this is the best model to buy if you really need a backup in your arsenal.

Other features about this include its textured brake rotors, which brings about a significant increase to braking power. This is as a result of the release of pressure and temperature, which is always maintained to be in an equilibrium position.

While this feature defined the brilliant performance of the brake, the fact that the brake pads ceramic 100% ceramics keeps the rotor from any type of corrosion. This adds to its overall longevity and durability.

Before we round up on this product review, I would like to pinpoint a very crucial factor. When considering this piece, it’s essential to check for vehicle compatibility as well. With this, you won’t have to go through the stress of customization. 


  • Suitable for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Easy to install/easy maintenance
  • Additional braking power
  • Installation hardware included

SCITOO Ceramic Disc Brake Pads Set

Highlighted Features

  • Brake Pad Compound: Ceramic Low Dust Formula
  • Features a chamfered design
  • Each brake pad also is treated with the thermos scorched, and positive molding process
  • Package contains 8pcs thermoQuiet brake pads

This ceramic brake pad is a great option from the SCITOO to meet the expectations of city drivers. The kit a set of low-dust and less-powder pads that will greatly improve your braking experience.

Besides, these pads are made in such a way as to be rust-free. Now, you won’t have cases of brake pads anymore. The corrosion protection also allows this brake to work in all weather conditions.

What’s about the brakes? Each brake pad is treated with the positive molding and thermos scorched process. These two processes allow lower break-in time to be reduced, thus ensuring a more stable characteristic in the brake pad’s lifespan.

The brake pad is such that it will greatly reduce sound and vibrations felt while applying the brake. Thanks to the gasket included, which serves as a buffer between the brake pad backplate and the caliper piston.

As this product fits great and has a good grip with a variety of models, you will observe the impact in no time.

With a significant increase in braking power, your journey will, in no doubt, become smooth, safer, and your braking distance will be reduced. This feature can contribute to preventing accidents. To conclude, this is quite an affordable option that lasts longer than most ceramic brake pads.


  • Smoother brakes
  • Noise-free brake
  • Even distribution of heat in brake pads to reduce chances of scratches and wear
  • Durable
  • Affordable

Detroit Axle – Pair (2) Front Drilled & Slotted Disc Brake Kit 

Highlighted Features

  • With10 Year Warranty
  • Drilled & Slotted Disc Brake Rotors (Up To 20% Better Braking Power
  • Features a Zinc Dichromate Plating
  • Authentic 100% Ceramic Brake Pads

 our findings, we can boldly say that this model will cater for quite a number of vehicles. If you’re the proud owner of a 2009-2012 Ford F-250, 2010 Ford F-350 (4WD), 2011 F-350 (4WD), then you are lucky. Let’s go ahead!

For starters, I feel it’s crucial to address that this model comes with the relevant specifications to fit on one particular vehicle only. Hence, installation is an easy process since it is customized.

However, if you’re looking to spice it up in a way or the other, it’s a good idea to refer to a mechanic who’ll help you with the process without any mistake.

Detroit Axle – Pair (2) Front Drilled & Slotted Disc Brake Kit is engineered to exceed OEM specifications. Plus, the brake rotors disc is perfectly drilled and slotted to enhance brake power by 20% compared to the standard Rotors, thus giving an assurance of unparalleled braking power.

In conjunction with the doubled ceramic brake pads, the overall effectiveness of this model will provide users with excellent control over the wheel.

Besides, you can easily reduce the velocity to zero without stress and dust ejection. This makes it a brilliant consideration if you are riding in a dusty environment.

What’s more, the brake rotors are plated with Zinc Dichromate to prevent corrosion. This way, a long life span is guaranteed.


  • Customized fit
  • 100% ceramic brake pads
  • Unparalleled braking power

Power Stop Z36-1680, Z36 Truck & Tow Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a Carbon-fiber ceramic brake pad
  • Features thermal scorched pad surface
  • The Carbon-fiber brake pads are chamfered and slotted
  • Package includes carbon-fiber ceramic brake grease and premium stainless-steel hardware kit

This Power Stop Z36-1680, the Z36 brake pad is built to simply handle the extra stress that usually involves towing, hauling, and mountainous driving.

That is to say, users will be able to use the pads in a variety of tough cases, and they will serve you for a long time properly, regardless of the condition.

The pads are built with durable carbon-fiber ceramic materials, which helps to boost the power and efficiency of a standard ceramic brake pad compared to the standard ceramic pads when handling massive loads. 

Aside from that, there is a doubled layer of high-temp rubber shims which helps to reduce the noise produced when braking to the barest minimum. In that case, you can now drive silently with your friends without experiencing any irritating sound from braking.

The precision drill holes on the pads are such that they help to control brake temperatures even when driving under extreme operating conditions.

However, you’ll also find some rounded slots, which help to get rid of any debris or gas, thus ensuring that the contact patch on the surface of the rotor is kept clear.  

With all of these features, these brake pads for truck and tow are advised for drivers who want to have a safe and smooth drive. If you don’t like to go the stress of changing brake pads every now and then, then you should consider this model provided it is compatible with your vehicle.


  • High-quality engineering
  • Silent and smooth braking
  • Reliable materials
  • Maximized rotor cooling

Bosch BC757 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Highlighted Features

  • Full-line Domestic, Asian and European
  • OE style rubber core shim
  • The synthetic lubricant box
  • Pads individually wrapped
  • Compliant with 2025 Copper Free legislation

Most of the brake pads made especially by Bosch are aimed at one thing. And that is a performance in terms of providing huge stopping power.

Towing is quite different from regular driving as a significant amount of power will be needed in place. This Bosch brake pad has proved to be unrelenting when it comes to providing users’ compatible vehicles with efficiency and great stopping power.

You need to try out the brake pads; they are equally made the same aluminum-based alloy used in aerospace engineering with no copper inclusion.

This technology helps to give that touch of strength you need when braking and as well helps to minimize friction from the brake pads.

The heavy-duty pads and rotors feature protected layers, thus ensuring the longevity of all parts of the braking system. Besides, the multi-layer shim system helps to deliver smoother operations of the pads.

It’s a simply designed unit that can be easily installed in its compatible vehicle of your choice. One thing users can be sure of is the fact that the brake pads are built to provide additional protection.


  • Heavy-duty design
  • Made with aerospace alloy
  • Hardware included

 Callahan CDS02573 FRONT Brake Parts

Highlighted Features

  • Package includes two front 8 Lug Drilled & Slotted Premium Brake Rotors
  • It comes with 4 brake pads and 2 brake disc rotors.
  • These rotors are 100% tested to prevent leaks.
  • The company offers free 1-2 days shipping in most states.

If you are looking for something a little more classic and sturdier, then the Callahan CDS02573 FRONT Brake parts are my best pick for you. Here’s what you should expect!

To start with, this unit is reputed for its stainless-steel hardware. We have put this unit to test and we discovered how brilliant it worked. Thank you for its thoughtful design, which gives minimal effort on braking. 

We also love the fact that you need no coupling to install the Callahan CDS02573. All the necessary hardware is included to make installation a breeze.

Nevertheless, for optimal delivery, I would recommend that you hire a professional to help with ordering so you won’t make any mistakes.

Aside from the fact that this model features all the necessary hardware to get the job done quickly, it’s still an advisable idea to hire a professional hand to install the braking system for optimum performance.

Another great thing we can’t but mention about the Callahan CDS02573 is the ceramic brake pads that this model features. The pads are durable and run smoother, thus ensuring that noise and dust are reduced to that bearest minimum.

With all of these intriguing features, we can boldly say that this model isn’t any less than any of the models reviewed above.


  • Increased stopping power
  • Ceramic brake pads reduce noise and dust
  • Comes packed with all the relevant hardware
  • Ready to be installed out of the box

Callahan Brake Parts

Highlighted Features

  • It uses low dust ceramic brake pads.
  • It comes with 4 brake pads and 2 brake disc rotors.
  • These rotors are 100% tested to prevent leaks.
  • The company offers free 1-2 days shipping in most states.

While you are going through all of your choices for durable and highly-effective brake parts, don’t skip out on the Callahan Brake Parts. It’s a popular and world-renowned company that has delivered over 2100+ CRK12431 brake pad kits to its customers.

Their incredible quality and satisfactory customer service are what has catapulted this company to the limelight.

Besides, the rotors are specially designed with drivers in mind, especially those who want the utmost from their car. This pad is made of low dust ceramic.

One thing that we love about these ceramic brake pads is that they are particularly easier on the rotors compared to other materials. 

It’s no doubt the best replacement for semi-metallic brake pads as it offers smooth, quiet braking capabilities under a broad range of temperatures. Moreover, this pad is such that it can deal with different harsh conditions that should cause brake-generated dust and noise. 

It only gives light-colored dust that, in most cases, is not noticeable and does not stick to the wheels. This way, your F250 Super Duty truck wheels, and tires are sure to appear cleaner and serve for a longer time.

If you are going for CRK12431 and disc Rotors now, you are very much lucky. The company has improved it with brand new components. Unlike before, now you can have this product with hardware and also Premium OE 8 Lug.


  • The calipers are tested for quality and safety.
  • It offers smooth and quiet braking capabilities

F250 Brake Pads Buyer’s Guide

Stopping Power

Simply put, the stopping power of a braking system can be defined as the amount of power that is required to stop the vehicle, especially when you are towing.

The power is determined by either the speed/movement of the vehicle or the weight it has added due to the operation of towing. Many times, both properties are what influence the stopping power of your brake pads.

A good brake system is one that is able to deliver the exact amount of stopping power when your towing vehicle is pulling forces to tow another object or vehicle.

There is what’s referred to as the coefficient of friction. This can be defined as the energy required to pull any object on a flat surface against the weight of that object.

If you ever purchase brake pads that provide a good coefficient of friction, then you’ll notice jobs will be done a lot easier than before. A brake with a low coefficient of friction will directly stress the entire body while trying to tow any object.

Slot and Chamfers

The chamfers and slots can also be very important if you need something that has reduced noise.

The design or shape of the brake pads also plays an important role in telling how the efficiency of the brake pads would be in respect of reducing the noise experienced.

Make sure you pay attention to the slot and chamfer type because it can help the performance of your brake at times of high temperature.

Brake Dust

Do you know that it is to experience no noise when applying the brakes? All you have to do is to look for those brands that offer low noise. F250 brake pads are very much different from the standard brake pads because they are meant for operations that demand more power.

So, if you need something effective, you need to check for brake pads that provide superior and premium lining against brake dust and also noise.

If your vehicles fit any of the products received above, then you should consider yourself lucky as they are running smoothly without any noise. 

The material used for friction

The material used from friction is an important consideration that must be put in place. We have basically two types of friction materials for the braking system in the market.

One is the riveted while the other is bonded. However, you can decide to have both of them carefully placed together, but you’ll need an experienced mechanic to get this done.


The braking system that features a riveted brake comes with a lining that’s connected to the pad by means of either aluminum or copper. However, a whole lot of innovative pads now make use of different materials like ceramic aside from copper for durability.

This riveting and lining help to minimize the noise produced when braking by absorbing the vibrations. 


One last feature you must consider is the bonding strength. This technique utilizes an extremely high-strength adhesive at a high temperature to make sure that the pad is firmly attached to the friction material.

With this method, you can rest assured that your pad will last as there will be more room for the lining wear even before it wears out up to the extent of touching the rotor.

They are not, in any way, as flexible as the riveted pads. Don’t be too convinced by this one feature. The best bet is to consult your mechanic for more details.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles should I reach before I think of replacing the brake pads for towing?

Anyways, this is determined by some factors which include driving style and repeated use. However, in a normal circumstance, you’ll reach 35 to 60 thousand miles before you should think of replacing the pads.

Do I need to grease the back?

Of course, it is crucial as it helps damp rattling between the piston or caliper and pad’s backing.

Are the rotors marked right and left?

Of course not, it does not matter which side you place them on.

Will the black surface become rubbed off after wear and tear?

Yes, it does.

Do I need to sand the discs before installation?

No, just install as it is bought because they work just perfectly.


We believe that by now, you can get it right by selecting the best brake pads for F250 super duty vehicle, but did you check if it is in line with the model of the car you own?

If not, then you’ll have to take some more time to research so that you end up with the right product. In all of your findings, be sure to see that you don’t leave any crucial factors out when deciding on which one to pick.

Get a product that is highly effective and would be a great measure of value. We hope that the review guide provided above will serve you well, and you’ll be able to use it in making the best pick for your vehicle.


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