Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger Reviews

You need the best snow plow for Polaris ranger to deal with snow during the winter season. This is a crucial tool for as many as those living in areas that are very susceptible to snowfall. You don’t have a choice but to always clear the snow every now and then to gain access to the pathways and even driveway.

 Nevertheless, selecting the ideal Polaris ranger snow plow is not an easy task. You need a powerful product that can clear snow regardless of the terrains.

In this review guide, we have gathered seven power snowplows to ease your stress of researching. These products were reviewed in terms of design, blade material, ease of installation, type of blade, and compatibility. However, we have our buyer’s guide section to help make selection easy for you. Have a good read.

7 Affordable Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

MotoAlliance DENALI 72″ UTV Snow Plow Kit

The first one our list is the moto alliance Denali snow plow system, which comes at an extremely large 72 inches. As the name implies, this kit is built specifically to deal with more rugged conditions suited to your average UTV. The plow boast of being all-terrain, thus making it easy to handle ice, sand, and also snow.

Having said that, the kitchen comes with virtually every accessory you need to connect to your UTV. While this plow is able to handle any difficult condition, it is advisable to always remember to contact Moto Alliance direct in case you have any questions concerning compatibility.

The 72-inch blade is built using 11 gauge steel. This plow comes with a combination of features that makes this tough enough to maintain consistent strength throughout. One of which is the seven gauge ribs that run the full height application. 

Besides, the addition of 3 horizontal stabilizers assists the deepest recess of the blade. All of these features give more strength and impact force to take on heavy-duty UTV applications.

The entire system has been constructed with an “Easy-Connect” principle in mind. This plow is built by the Moto Alliance engineers in such a way that you can easily disconnect it from the frame of the UTV with great efficiency and speed.

In a nutshell, the 72-inch DENALI UTV Snow Plow System is a huge piece of kit. If you need an all in one system to tackle heavy snow with your UTV, this is the system to consider.


  • All in one kit designed specifically for tough UTV application
  • Large heavy-duty, 11 gauge steel 72″ straight snow plow blade
  • The deepest recess of the blade is more strengthened
  • Easy connect system for fast and efficient assembly

  • Quite expensive

 MotoAlliance DENALI ATV 50 inch Universal Snow Plow Kit

Every DENALI ATV Universal Snow Plows are always ready to combat snow season. And a fair price, you can acquire them without taking much toll on your payroll. The ATV 50 model is another brilliant model from the prestigious industry. It comes with a ″Easy-Connect″ design that makes attaching and detaching the snowplow a pretty easy process.

It’s a center-mounted plow that is designed to automatically disperse the impact force to the strongest part of the ATV—thus preventing damage to the front end or other vehicle parts from the sudden load. 

This is no doubt the best pick for buyers who don’t want to compromise with durability and strength. This 50″ snowplow is built with top quality steel material that is able to remove snow without stress. Even at that, it fits firmly with the frames of almost all types of trucks.

A whole lot of buyers attested to the fact that it’s an indeed excellent product to consider. The interesting thing about this unit is its high-quality set of accessories.

In the package, you’ll get push tubes, two wear bars, installation hardware, instruction manual, adjustable skid feet, and plow blade. With this, you won’t need to spend extra cash on is buying additional accessories.

With the four seven gauge ribs, the complete height in the plow will run high while clearing the snow. Not only that, but it also features three extra horizontal stabilizers that give an appropriate amount of support to the deepest recess in the blade. 

You will definitely be stunned by the performance of this plow. You can place the blade of a snowplow in five different angles with simple positioning of push tubes. Since it ranges from 0 to 25 degrees, positioning poses no difficulty at all.


  • Delivered with a three year of warranty
  • Perform proper snow roll up
  • Provide solid durability
  • Easy to attach and detach

  • Mounting bracket broke out quickly

Kolpin UTV Switchblade Plow – 17-5000

The Kolpin UTV Switchblade plow 17-5000 is a Universal and complete plow system that comes with everything necessary to begin to plow right out of the box. Provided you can put all the right components together; then you’re good to go.

The Kolpin UTV switchblade snow plow is a complete set that features everything you need to get started right away. The plow comes with advanced stamp steel technology that allows makes the blade adjustable between 60 and 72 inches of width.

This helps you fit different snow plowing requirements. It is a robust and stable plow that also features square tube steel chassis. This gives reliable reinforcements. You can easily the position of the blade easily. Thanks to its five position angle.

Having said that, a whole lot of users are pleased with the fact that they were able to put the parts together without spending too much time. However, some users complained about faulty brackets after using them on elements as simple as grass. They simply snap and bend. 

This invariably means that it’s not the sturdiest snowplow of the bunch. This a huge snag, but for the price, it is still considerable.

As we proceed, we will like that you keep in mind that despite the fact that it’s a ‘universal mount.’ It may not necessarily fit every machine you intend to use. That is to say; you will have to motivate some parts to fit your machine.

It’s okay to also know that it’s not a heavy unit compared to the other plows on this list. So, if all you need to deal with is light snow, then this unit will surely serve the purpose of delivering quality performance. Overall, this is a quality plow that assembles easily under one hour.


  • 5-position blade angle
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable price

  • Faulty brackets

KFI 72″ Best Snow Plow for polaris Ranger 900 XP

If you have ever used any KFI plow system before, then you won’t be surprised to see that this model comes with some mind-blowing features that get the job done with ease.

The KFI Pro-Series Plow System is thoughtfully built by putting a lot of crucial features into consideration. Thus, bringing about a plow system that attends to every users’ need when it comes to clearing off snow and the likes.  

This system is designed from the ground up to have all the best features in just one package. It’s engineered to outperform and lead the competition.

The KFI UTV plow system is engineered as a Front-Mount System that disperses the forces richly from plowing to the front lower frame of your UTV.

The system is assembled in seconds with the help of the two standard 5/8 inches hitch pins. With this Front-Mount System, you get over 30 inches of lift height. Virtually all the plow components are shot blasted and powder coated tough for the best finish possible.

This unit has gained a lot of recognition among users for its efficiency and durability. Every part of this unit tells more about the fact that it is everything you need for clearing the toughest snow heap blocking driveways and walkways. On top of its significant effectiveness, it pretty easy to fix. 

You get it installed in no time. You’ll also love the fact that the package comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. That way, you won’t have to spend extra cash on buying additional components to complete the installation.

In a nutshell, every hardware of the KFI Pro-Series Plow System is made in the USA and ensured to meet abides by the highest quality standards. That’s to say that you can never go wrong with this unit.


  • Flexible Heavy Duty Black Poly face
  • Features all necessary hardware for installation
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant

  • None

 Polaris New OEM Ranger 72″ Snow Plow 

Although we do not have much to say about this particular unit, it’s a brilliant snowplow you can vouch for on every side. The brand new Polaris OEM Ranger 72 inches snowplow will make a perfect replacement for your polar ranger and UTV. Since it’s not a universal system, it’s advisable to check for compatibility on the website. That way, you won’t make any mistakes.

We love the fact that this unit comes with everything necessary replacement hardware kit to make installation easier. Note that this product is meant to fit the bar only, thus serving as a scrapper edge.

The good thing about this product is that you can always remove to resharpen or replace it when it gets dull. This will save you the cost of buying a whole new blade or having to deal with the whole blade all the time.


  • Includes replacement mounting hardware
  • The blade can be easily removed for resharpening
  • Unit is fairly priced

  • Cannot fit every vehicle

New KFI 72″ Pro-Poly Snow Plow & Mount

This is yet another highly effective snowplow from the KFI industry. Everything about the new KFI 72″ Pro-Poly Snowplow & mount is aimed at delivering a smooth and easy operation without taking too much toll on the engine system. It comes with everything that makes installation easy. This unit is designed to take on the toughest snow blocking the road or driveway.

The new KFI 72″ Pro-Poly plow & mount is made of top-grade steel construction, and quality made components. Tubes feature rugged American-built Grade 50 steel construction, shot-blasted. And industrial powder coat finished for toughness that’s measured in decades. You can tell how long this unit will serve without any decrease in performance.

The UTV plow system is designed as a Front-Mount System that disperses the forces for optimum performance. Starting from plowing to the front lower frame of your UTV, this unit poses no difficulty with assembly using two standard 5/8 hitch pins. What’s more, the front mount unit provides over 30 inches.

We love to see that all of the plow components are powder coated and shot blasted tough for the best finish possible. The UTV Plow Tube System will work with this Pro-Series 48, 54, 60 Straight Blades, 60 tapered Blade, and UTV 66 or 72 reinforced Straight Blade and 66 inches and 72 inches Pro-Poly Blades.

 The reinforced tube system features a pinned blade with an angle that can be easily adjusted up to 25 degrees. We can’t but mention the fact that this system also features a 6 five degree blade pitch adjustments. If you own a 2004-2006 Polaris Ranger TM 650 UTV, you should consider yourself lucky.


  • Adjustable pin blade
  • The system is powder-coated and shot blasted
  • Made of top-grade steel construction
  • Installation is a breeze

  • Not a universal system

KFI UTV 66″ – Best Plow for polaris Ranger 570 

The KFI UTV 66 inches snow plow kit combo is designed and geared towards giving one of the most effective power for the money. Its front-mount system makes sure that all the energy put into plowing is fully dispersed to the lower part of the frame, making the UTV deliver job faster and more easily, without any hassle.

Another good thing about this unit is that it allows for attaching it to your UTV without spending much time. This is due to its two standard pins that make the process even faster. Besides, the mounting system is such that it will give your plow more than 30 inches for lifting height.

You can rest assured that the plow is made to the highest standards of quality. All its hardware is powder-coated, thus making it resistant to wear and tear. Its blade is also made from top quality 11 gauge steel, which means that you can vouch for its durability, regardless of frequency of use. Alongside the steel plow, you will also get the push tubes and the mount.

Since it’s made in the US, it is no doubt a brilliant product that abides by the highest quality standards, and it’s a testament to thoughtful craftsmanship. It is a durable product that will help you get rid of snow from large areas while maintaining a consistent strength throughout.

Overall, the 30 inches and more of lifting weight make removing snow a pretty simple process. This plow appears to be incredibly well made, so the only downside must be its price tag, which can be considered expensive compared to other similar products on the market.


  • Boast 30+ inches of lift height
  • Cost-effective
  • The installation process is fast
  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Quite expensive


Buyer’s Guide


One of the costliest errors caused by a lot of users is getting a Polaris ranger snow plow kit that cannot fit your Polaris ranger. You can easily check from the manufacturer’s product information to confirm whether your kit is compatible with your Polaris ranger or not. The best bet is that you pick a snowplow that comes with a universal mount to accommodate future modifications.


When you purchase a snow plow kit, it usually comes either as one package or two different packages. Nevertheless, the aspect of the installation is what’s usually bringing a concern. The best bet is to go for the types that allow for easy installation. In most cases, they come with manual guides. Be sure to follow each step as they are stated in the manual.


If you reside in a place with rocky, bumpy terrain, you may need to rather go for a heavy-duty snowplow. While making your selection, get one with a thick blade. For heavy snowfall, you need a V-shaped blade to handle them easily.


Size is another crucial factor that must be put into consideration when selecting a Polaris Ranger snow plow kit. There are a variety of blade sizes in terms of both height and width. Generally, they range from around 60 inches wide (like that of the smallest system by Eagle Plow) to upwards of 72 inches (like that of the full-size Polaris Ranger plow kit by EMP).

Apparently, the larger the blade, the more area you will cover within a limited amount of time. So if you are simply looking for a plow to scoop your walk and driveway, a smaller size will suffice. However, if you intend to buy a commercial-grade plow, then you have to consider the big kit size instead!

Type of Blade Design

There are two commonest types of blade design used for snow plowing, which include the straight type and the v-shaped type.  Unlike aftermarket plow kits and commercial road plows kits for pickup trucks, Polaris ranger plows generally use a straight blade design as against the V blade. 

Although both plow designs are capable of getting the job done, both blade design comes with the same efficiency in terms of lift functionalities, swivel, and pivot.

The only noticeable difference between the V blade and straight blades arises when tackling frozen snow and ice. As a result of its shape, the V blade’s sharp tip can easily slice through harder material a lot better than the straight blade.

Blade Materials

There are varieties of materials that are used by manufacturers of snowplows. The most commonly considered blade materials are poly, stainless, and also mild steel. The poly blades have become the most popularly used material these days. 

This is due to the fact that snow does not stick to its surface no matter what. However, they are found to be the most expensive at the same time.

Stainless steel is also common because it is able to resist corrosion. Note that this type of steel can be easily damaged when they hit rocks and debris. While the mild steel material is still a good option since these types of blades are very strong and serve for a long time.

Best Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove snow using an ATV?
Place your pre-installed snowplow at the preferred angle in front of the snow. Start your Polaris ranger and drive towards the place of disposal. You can angle the blade to dispose of the snow to the sides.
Are Polaris rangers good for snow removal?
Polaris rangers are some of the best outdoor machines when it comes to removing snow. They are powerful and active enough to tackle even the toughest tasks.
Are Polaris ranger snow plow universal?
Although some Polaris ranger promise to be universal, not all of them really are. What’s best is that you check the specific model and your vehicle to see how well they fit according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
How can I adjust an ATV snow plow?
This is commonly done by changing the blade angle to move snow more effectively. To do this, simply rotate tilt stops or removing retaining pins, then change the angle and tighten the bolts again.


Getting rid of massive snow from the roads and parking lots can be a really daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with deep snow. It’ll definitely take a lot of effort and time.

This is where the best snow plow for Polaris ranger comes in. The right choice will make the task seem really easier than thought

Regardless of how skillful you are at handling a snowplow, you can find the perfect snow plow for your truck with our detailed review guide. Besides, our buyer’s guide section will make the selection even easier for you. 

Preceding to your purchase, you need to put into consideration the blade material, the type of job, the environment, the durability, and the attachment system of the snowplow. Finally, you have to consider the type that you can easily get along with.

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