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Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tacoma (Review) | Quick Answer

If you own a Toyota Tacoma vehicle and you are in need of a replacement to your brake pad, here on this page on the best brake pads for Toyota Tacoma, you will get to put an end to your search as we have got you covered with all that you need to make the right selection.

The importance of a brake pad is too difficult to overlook in a car. If you’ve ever experienced a near accident or you eventually got involved in any car accident as a result of brake failure, you will surely understand how important it is to have a good brake pad in a car.

The brake pad is so important that it is the lifesaver of those in the car and also helps to keep the car in good condition. Most people think the brake itself brings the car to a stop, but that which brings a car to a stop is the brake pad.

Once you match the brake pedal, the brake pads will apply friction against a metal disc or drum that stops the vehicle. This is the best means to bring a car in motion to a stop. 

So, with this in mind, let’s take you through some of the brake pads you can consider for your Toyota Tacoma. We have the best lists for you. Let’s dive in!

Comparison Of Best Brake Pads for Toyota Tacoma

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Review of 8 Best Brake Rotors for Toyota Tacoma

Bosch BC976 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set For Tacoma

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The first on our list doesn’t come as a surprise as it is a product from one of the respected and trusted brands known as Bosch. This brake pad comes with the code BC976, and it can work comfortably on vehicles such as Lexus gx460, gx470, Toyota 4runner, fj cruiser, Sequoia, Tacoma, and tundra.

The versatility of the brake pad makes it a great option for most car owners that find it compatible with their car braking system settings. The stability the brake pad gives your car is enough to keep the engine in good condition and call your car to a stop easily.

The materials the brake pad is made from is of high quality that ensures exceptional stopping power and quiet operation of your car with low dust. It absolutely eliminates all chances for brake failure, which is the cause of most car accidents. 

There are some brake pads that make noise as soon as you match on the brake pedal. That is not the same as the Bosch BC976. The Bosch BC976 has a quiet operation with the help of the rubber core multilayer shim, which offers great strength and insulation against noise. 

The lifespan of the brake pad is one of the reasons you should opt for the brake pad above others in the market. The protective layer, synthetic lubricant, and many others included in the brake pad design make it a great choice for you. 


  • One-step installation
  • Non-noisy pads
  • Great stopping power
  • Slotted design improves drainage and ventilation
  • Reduction of vibration

  • These pads squeal and squeak!

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Power Stop Z23-976, Z23 Evolution Sport Carbon-Fiber Ceramic Front Brake Pads

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if you are looking for a compatible brake pad for a car you constantly use for commuting and daily driving without having to break the bank, then you should consider Power Stop Z23-976. This is indeed a powerful brake pad that can be installed at the rear position of your car, and then you can only expect the best performance from your car.

It is designed to keep your car in good shape with a sharp impact on bringing the car to a stop when need be. This comes in different styles for you to choose the one that is best suited to you. One of the good sides of the brake pad is that it comes less expensive and affordable to all.

You should not look elsewhere if you are looking for a perfect way to refresh your car by offering long-lasting braking performance. The Power Stop Z23-976 is a great option for you. The strength of the brake pad comes from its design and construction. It is made of highly nearly indestructible materials that enhance the lifespan of the brake pad.

Furthermore, the brake pad went through series of testing, and one of the tests took place in the USA, and it was then that the brake pad was approved for daily driven vehicles because it has all it takes to easily bring cars to a stop without hassles. 

Also, the brake pad has dual layer high-temperature rubberized shims that insulate noise. It is the reason you can easily regard and say your car doesn’t make noise while the secret to that is your brake pad. It is best for those who love to move their car without any noise. 


  • Remarkable noise reduction
  • The highly engineered friction material 
  • Improves rotor and pad life

  • The brake pad is not dust free but low dust

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Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Toyota Tacoma Brake Pad

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Here is another brake pad from bosch, and it is known with the BP976 code. This is also placed at the rear position for installation, and it is very easy to install on your car since it comes with all the hardware needed to get that done without any hassles. It worth every penny you invest in it. 

It is a perfect replacement to your brake pad if you own any of these cars such as Lexus: 2010-17 gx460, 2003-09 gx470; Toyota: 2003-17 4runner, 2007-14 fj cruiser, 2002-07 sequoia, 2005-17 Tacoma, and 2002-06 tundra. It is a versatile one that is compatible with the cars listed.

The engineering of the brake pad boasts of premium materials that ensure you have exceptional stopping power whenever you match on the brake pedal. It doesn’t give any sound or noise as it boasts of quiet operation with low dust. 

The quiet operation is through the help of the rubber core multilayer shim, which is integrated into the construction to offer increased strength and insulation against noise—also, the brake pad boats of advanced aerospace alloy and semi-metallic friction formula. 

The lubricant, hardware, and some essential tools needed for installation and perfect fit all included in the package. Also, it has a protective layer on the rotor and pad surface, which helps to extend the life of the pad and rotor. 


  • Long-lasting shim resulting in lower noise
  • Chemical formula forms a protective layer on the rotor and pad surface
  • Compatible with a large range of models
  • Thermal scorched brake pads
  • Easy to install

  • Might give vibration issue in the future

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Bosch BC799 2011 Tacoma brake pads

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The Bosch BC799 is a perfect replacement if you are looking for a quality brake pad for your car. This brake pad gives your car great performance and ensures that you can easily stop the car while in motion without any hassles. It is one of the best you should consider, and it doesn’t cost much, which makes it affordable. 

The design of the brake pad shows it is made from high-quality materials that make it offer nothing but exceptional stopping power whenever you match on the brake pedal. The operation of the brake pad ensures your brake doesn’t lose its grip, and it doesn’t make noise too.

It is compatible with the 2006-2011 Toyota Hilux and 1999-2004 Tacoma. It offers quiet operation with the assistance of the rubber core multilayer shim. Also, the protective transfer later of the brake pad boosts the lifespan of the pad and that of the rotor life. 

Everything needed for you to enjoy the best of your car has been included in the package. You also have a synthetic lubricant that you can use to grease and ensure the car can easily come to a stop without having to match the brake pedal several times.

Also, the brake pad requires no modification. It is a perfect and most ideal option for those looking for a complete brake pad for their car. 


  • Protective transfer layer extends pad and rotor life
  • QuietCast delivers the quiet operation
  • Quiet operation with rubber core multilayer shim offers increased strength and insulation against noise
  • Synthetic lubricant included
  • Easy to install

  • It has no significant setback

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Genuine Toyota 04465-04070 Disc Brake Pad 04465-az100

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The Genuine Toyota 04465-04070 Disc Brake Pad is a wonderful choice you can consider for your car. You do not have to worry about the condition of your car once you have this brake pad in your system. It is well designed and engineered to serve you well for a longer period without any damages in your car.

The installation is very easy on your car, and you do not need extra hardware for the one that has been included in the package. It has all it takes to get your car back to the best condition. It doesn’t give any annoying sound or noise whenever you match on the brake pedal. 

Furthermore, the brake pad is durable and effective in keeping your car in smooth operation. It is made from the best quality materials, which makes it perfect and capable of handling the harshest condition for those who drive daily.

The affordability makes it a great choice for you if you do not have the money to spend on an expensive brake pad. Also, the brake pad can work smoothly in both hot and wet conditions without any issues. It is perfectly compatible with many cars, and one of them is your Tacoma.


  • High-quality materials
  • Superior braking power
  • Easy to install
  • High shear strength in brake shoes
  • Original equipment standard

  • It is not vibration-free

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KFE KFE436-104 Ultra Quiet Advanced Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

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Getting a perfect replacement for your brake pad is no longer difficult with the engineering of the KFE KFE436-104 brake pad. It is a well-designed brake pad with an amazing style that boasts of high-quality materials. The fitting doesn’t give you any worries as it is very easy to install.

The brake pad is of the family of those that don’t make noise as it helps you ensure that your car can move smoothly. With the brake pad, your car can hardly develop any fault. The design and construction of the pad make it a great choice for anyone looking for a better replacement for their brake pad. 

With the dual rubber shims, there will be little or no vibration with the brake pedal. The break-in time doesn’t take time with the help of the thermal scorched, which is manufactured with the brake pad. It is reliable and very durable to ensure you can easily stop your car.

You are to double-check to ensure it is compatible with the car you are getting it for. The brake pad helps to increase brake bite, the long life span, which helps to reduce your chance of getting brake pad often.


  • Brake pads prevent rear-wheel lockup
  • Sound control 
  • Easy to control
  • Improves rotor and pad life

  • None

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ACDelco 14D976CH Advantage Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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The brake of your car is so important that it can save your life. There are many that have lost their lives as a result of brake failure. If you notice that your car brake is faulty and needs to be replaced, then you should consider ACDelco 14D976CH. It is one of the best brake pad replacements you can opt for in your car.

The brake pad is compatible with multiple cars, and you need to check to confirm that the brake pad you will get fits your car. Getting the right brake pad is important for proper fitting, which is the reason you need to get the one that fits your car perfectly.

The brake pad has all that is required for you to install in your car. You can easily install yourself without the assistance of anyone. However, on the off chance that you can’t install the brake pad yourself, you need to get the assistance of a mechanic to help you fix properly.

The sharpness of the brake pad is very effective as it helps to bring the car to a stop easily. It has every feature and parts that make it all easy for your car to work smoothly. The basic shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness. 


  • Very easy to install
  • Diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness
  • The highly engineered friction material 
  • Improves rotor and pad life

  • None

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Wagner QuickStop ZD799 Ceramic Disc Pad Set, Front

[amazon box=”B000CQVKRY” template=”vertical”]

The Wagner QuickStop ZD799 is a ceramic pad and a great choice for those who are interested in getting a perfect replacement for their damaged or faulty brake pad. It is affordable and cost-effective for anyone who wants the best performance from their car. It can save you from unforeseen circumstances and also keep your car in good condition for a longer period. 

The brake pad is not an ideal option for cars that are being used for commuting or heavy-duty work. It is designed to handle the toughest condition, which is the reason it is built with solid materials but not to be used to the point it will wear off easily. 

It is also not the ideal choice for cold conditions. Furthermore, it works just like the follow come brake pad of your car. It is a reliable one to get the best out of your car, and it offers a consistent performance by stopping the car at a simple match on the brake pedal.

The brake pad is designed with high-quality materials, as said earlier, and it helps in reducing the vibration you hear from most cars whenever the brake pedal is being matched on, and it also helps to reduce noise.

The lifespan of the brake pad is encouraging and inspiring. Take note that you do not need extra hardware to install the brake pad as it comes with all that is needed for you to do that. Also, it has lubricant that comes with it to help you grease when the need for it arises. 


  • Reduces noise-causing vibration
  • Very easy to install
  • The highly engineered friction material 
  • Improves rotor and pad life

  • None
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Choosing the Best Pads for Toyota Tacoma

There are some things that you need to put into consideration when choosing a brake pad, and they include:


Every part of a car is model dependent. A brake pad that fits tacoma brakes upgrade is not a guaranteed fit for other vehicles except you get one with multiple compatibilities. So, you have to be certain of your car specification before making any purchase of any brake pad. 


There are many things that will determine the kind of brake pad you purchase. Some of which you can’t overlook is your driving style and the nature of the road you drive often. Ceramic brake pads are not quite okay for heavy-duty driving and not a good choice for cold climate conditions. Metallic pads are likely to scratch the rotors and heat up quickly. 


This is very important if you are buying a replacement for your brake pad. You should look for one that will fit perfectly into the original size of your car brake pad structure. Any slight difference will prevent the parts from fitting properly, and that can end up causing damages to your car. 

Ventilation and Drainage

Getting a brake pad that has ventilation and a good drainage system prevents you from changing the brake pad often. It helps you to avoid mishaps and ensure your pad doesn’t get jammed when wet.


If you own a 3rd gen tacoma brakes and you are in need of a durable one that can get the best out of your car without regret on investment, and the best place to find one is through this page which we have for you to share with you the best brake pads for Toyota Tacoma you can consider. We have the best lists for you to make the right choice above. 

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