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9 Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma | Updated In 2022 9 Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma | Updated In 2022

Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma (Reviews) – Any Budget

If your Toyota Tacoma sounds like an angry old man every time you put step on your accelerator, then it is time to change it. High-performance trucks are nothing but garbage when you don’t have the right tools for them.

Maximum horsepower and performance can only be enjoyed when you have the best exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma by your side.

Whenever you find any issue like this then it time for you to look for a new exhaust system. But finding the top-rated exhaust system for your Toyota Tacoma is a tough job.

The market is full of fraud and a cheap quality exhaust system. To get you out of this problem, I am here to tell you about the nine exhaust systems for Toyota Tacoma in the market. Jump down and see what it has to offer.

9 Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma Reviews

01. Magnaflow 19291 Tacoma Exhaust – Best Overall

If you want your vehicle to perform better, then you should have the Mangflow 19291 Tacoma exhaust by your side.

MagnaFlow power-proven Exhaust 19291 could be an excellent companion for your work. It will deliver a smooth perfect sound right when you need it.

This budget-friendly exhaust system is for those who are looking for quality in an affordable price range. Despite the cost, it will bring no compromise to the performance it is going to deliver for your vehicle.

MagnaFlow Exhaust 19291 is designed in a way so that you can enjoy full horsepower and torque in the run. You are going to see a great balance on the exhaust efficiency. Most of the time, you are going to enjoy great sound quality on every gear.

Regular users do not have many complaints about the quality of the sound after the installation of MagnaFlow Exhaust 19291. Besides, the installation process of the MagnaFlow is also very straightforward.


  • Fast to install for those who are familiar with this type of work
  • It will make your vehicle sounds better
  • Mandrel-bent perfectly designed smooth exhaust system for you

  • The sound gets little irritating around 3k rpm

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02. MBRP S5326AL 2.5” Cat-Back, Single Side Exhaust System – Easy Installation

There are slight differences between MagnaFlow and MBRP Exhaust System. MagnaFlow comes with the one-piece exhaust system design while the MBRP design combines several pieces of tubing together.

MBRP has been in the exhaust system business for more than two decades. Their muffler design and larger tailpipe can come in handy for some of you.

Being in the same business for that long means they have top-quality on their product. You just need to have one of the MBRP exhaust systems by your side to truly experience what they really offer. MBRP S5326AL is a top-quality exhaust system which has the ability to fulfill your requirement and do much more.

Some Pros and Cons of MBRP S5326AL 2.5” Cat-Back Exhaust System


  • Enjoy lower exhaust temperature even in a cool environment with this MBRP S5326AL
  • MBRP S5326AL provides you with increased exhaust flow
  • Hike up your vehicle horsepower with this Cat-Back Exhaust System

  • It may smell bad during the first installation

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03. Flowmaster 17432 Cat-back Exhaust System – Dual Side Exit – American Thunder

Flowmaster has been spending lots of money on research work to improve the quality of its exhaust system. Flowmaster 17432’s design is slightly different compared to the other exhaust system on the market.

It has a twin exhaust from the muffler with two pipes on two different sides. The best Tacoma exhaust is manufactured with a mixture of aluminized steel and stainless steel.

They also have the option to go with the entire stainless steel body, but you need to spend some extra bucks. If you are on a tight budget, then it is better to go with the cheaper option as it does not have much performance differences. Almost every regular user of this Flowmaster 17432 shares good thoughts about it.

Some Pros and Cons of Flowmaster 17432 Cat-back Exhaust System


  • Easy to install even though it has a dual-pipe exhaust system
  • Modern look design and will sound great on your vehicle
  • Flowmaster 17432 ensures maximum performance all the time

  • High speeds can create some issue but not annoying

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04. MagmaFlow 17115 Large Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System Kit – Best Pick

MagmaFlow 17115 is almost the same as our first MagmaFlow 19291 exhaust system. All mandrel bent design with stainless steel construction puts both the exhaust system in the same class.

Well, you will also find some differences when you go for the tailpipe placement. It is not outside like the other one rather then it is placed underneath the car.

Besides, it is also more affordable comparing to MagmaFlow 19291 exhaust system. If you are looking for top-quality MagmaFlow with a cheaper rate then this MagmaFlow 17115 can be a great option for you.

The best result comes out when you use them on the short bed vehicle, although it can also be used in the long bed vehicle.

Some Pros and Cons of MagmaFlow 17115 Large Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System Kit


  • Best MagmaFlow when you are on a budget
  • Stainless steel construction allows you to use it for a longer period of time
  • Easy installation and a loud kit for your car

  • Performance is not so good with the long bed

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05. MBRP S5338P 3” Cat-Back – Tacoma Trd Exhaust

It is part of the MBRP 3” tubing series. If you are searching for the Tacoma trd exhaust, then this one can be a great candidate for the work. It is mainly for the long bed vehicle, but you can also use them if you have the short bed model.

You just need to cut off the well-designed beautiful exhaust system according to your requirement.

MBRP S5338P has the ability to maximize the flow and minimize the temperature for your car. You are going to enjoy a great service once you have them at your side.

Besides, the tacoma trd exhaust tip

is affordable, even with its beautiful look and loud sound. Don’t need much preparation for the installation part.


  • MBRP S5338P provides top-quality in an affordable price
  • Improve the flow and performance of your vehicle with this MBRP S5338P 3 inches
  • Tested on Dynamometer before supplying to the market

  • Some regular users complain about the rust problem

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06. Flowmaster 819144 – Best Exhaust for Toyota Tacoma 4.0 v6

Flowmaster 819144 comes with its own laminar flow technology which ensures the best performance for your car.

The stainless steel all-mandrel system is the right choice when you are looking at the exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma. The pioneer designed Flowmaster 819144 also comes with a 2.5” head pipe and an inlet muffler.

Stainless steel is good for keeping the rust out of the exhaust system. It ensures that you are going to get service from your Flowmaster 819144 for a longer period of time.

Installation hardware and hangers requirements come with the package itself. It will easily fulfill all the expectations that you have for the exhaust for Toyota Tacoma.

Some Pros and Cons of Flowmaster 819144 Cat-Back Exhaust System for Toyota Tacoma


  • Ensure maximum performance of your vehicle with this Flowmaster 819144 Exhaust System
  • People with basic knowledge of the Exhaust System can do the installation work
  • Advanced design and technology provides you with moderate sound

  • Flowmaster 819144 does not fit with X-Runner models

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07. Borla 140680BC S-Type Cat-Back 3rd Gen – 2020 Tacoma Borla Exhaust

Borla S series are specially designed in a way so that you can enjoy a deep attractive sound on your vehicle. The 3rd gen Tacoma exhaust bora’s patented technology has been used on this Borla 140680BC S-Type so that you can take total benefit of your horsepower.

Some exhaust system creates problems like back-pressure and blockage, but this one has mandrel-bent tubing, which ensures a total solution.

Borla 140680BC provides rust and corrosion protection with the help of stainless steel crafting. Besides, the top-rated exhaust system is also beneficial to bring the best performance out of your vehicle.

Mask sure you are strong enough to bear the aggressive sound of this Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System.

Some Pros and Cons of Borla 140680BC S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System


  • Borla 140680BC delivers perfect sound all the time
  • Installation requirement comes with the package
  • Million-mile warranty for your performance safety

  • Borla 140680BC is not for long beds

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08. Flowmaster 817519 Xtra Cab and Double Cab Cat-Back Exhaust System – Top Of Market

If you are digging for the best exhaust system for your Toyota Tacoma, then it is worth to have a look at this Flowmaster 817519 double cab.

The 16-gauge stainless steel tubing and mandrel bent like all the other exhaust systems on the list perform like a pro in your vehicle. You are going to get all the benefits that you are looking for inside an exhaust system.

Flowmaster 817519 double cab comes with all the gadgets that you would require for the installation work. Besides, Flowmaster is a well-known brand and comes with proven horsepower improvement technology.

Your vehicle is not going to be the same once you have the best exhaust system for your Toyota Tacoma installed.

Some Pros and Cons of Flowmaster 817519 Xtra Cab and Double Cab Cat-Back Exhaust System


  • Stainless steel coating of Flowmaster provides you durability
  • Flowmaster 817519 is very straightforward to install
  • Dyno-tested ensures full potential on its performance

  • Gaskets don’t come with the package

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09. Gibson 618814 Stainless Cat-Back Single Exhaust System – Reliable

It is hard to find the right replacement for your old exhaust system. You need to go throw many difficulties in the process.

But if you are searching for one for your Toyota Tacoma, then this Gibson 6188114 can be a solution for you. Gibson’s single exhaust system is here to keep up with tough roads like hill driving.

Rear tire exit design is unique on the market. This single exhaust system goes throw the Dyno test and proves its performance even in maximum torque. Gibson 6188114 is for those who do not like much of a hassle for their exhaust system installation work. Internal drone and aggressive sound buy it’s a good reputation on the market.

Some Pros and Cons of Gibson 618814 Stainless Cat-Back Single Exhaust System


  • Enjoy maximum horsepower and torque with this Gibson 618814
  • Perfect sound with a unique combination of aggression and quietness
  • Gibson 618814 exhaust system does not need welding

  • The installation process is time-consuming for this Gibson 618814

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Toyota Tacoma Exhaust – Buying Guide

We are going to discuss things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for the Toyota Tacoma exhaust in the market.

If you can follow these mentioned criteria, then you can easily get the best exhaust system. Read them out and chose the best deal which you think so.

  • What do you need?

Before buying anything first, you need to make sure why you really need it. The same thing stands when you are looking for the best exhaust system. Some might look for an exhaust system that is louder while others may be looking for the opposite feature.

The guideline also changes depending on your preferences for the tool. So first it is your job to figure out why you really need an exhaust system.

  • Exhaust System Materials

Rust is a big reason for most of the exhaust system service ending. Moist contact is the only reason that your exhaust system gets rust and corrosion. If you are free from this type of problem, then you can choose any exhaust system made of any things.

But it is recommended to go with a stainless-steel crafting exhaust system because it will ensure your exhaust system protection from rust and corrosion.

  • Additional Accessories for Exhaust System

Besides quality, you also may need some additional accessories to repair your exhaust system from time to time. If you often travel far then, it is better to go with an exhaust system that comes with an extra accessories option.

It will come in handy so often which you don’t even think of before.

  • Easy Installation

Much of the exhaust system for Toyota Tacoma needs the help of professionals to do the installation work. If you are not a professional, then it is better to go with one which is easy to install.

Besides, you will also find lots of tutorials on the internet on how you can easily do the installation work. But don’t put easy installation criteria above quality. You can apply the point when you want to choose an Exhaust for C6 Corvette

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How to save your exhaust system from rust?

There are few things you can do to save your exhaust system from rust. Oxidation on the exhaust system is the main reason for rust and corrosion.

You can use rinsing to get rid of this problem. Moist can’t grow when you often drive your car in the distance. If you do it regularly, then your car will get some relief from the moist building.

The best way to prevent rust and corrosion is to buy a top-class stainless steel exhaust system for your vehicle.

  • How to find out exhaust system problems?

You don’t always need to change your exhaust system. Sometimes, there are problems which you can easily fix by yourself and to do that you just need to figure them out first. A performance drop in your car can point out some issues with your exhaust system.

Inspect the exhaust system properly and make sure there is not any leakage. If there is one, then some repair tape on the hole will solve the problem for you.

  • How to install an exhaust system?

The installation guideline comes with every exhaust system. First, you need to go throw the installation words. Make sure you have an exhaust system that comes with all the required tools for the installation.

Use the jack to rise up your vehicle and get rid of the old exhaust system. After that, you just need to follow the guideline that comes with the package.

Besides, you will find many video tutorials on the internet, which might help you to do the exhaust system installation task.

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Toyota Tacoma is an excellent choice of truck for your work. But you need to have the best tools to get the best out of it. In this article, I talk about some of the best exhaust systems for Toyota Tacoma in the business. It is time for you to pick the best one for you. We always try to deliver the best at your service.

If you find our work beneficial, then don’t forget to share your valuable thoughts with us. We are always open to listen to your significant opinions which will eventually help us to grow. Stay with us and keep updated about the best products in the business.

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