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6 Best Coilovers for FRS [Reviews]

Are you thinking about making an upgrade in your FRS with coil-overs? Are you looking for the best Coilovers for FRS?

If you are planning to invest in Coilovers, I will say you will find the right path. But before this, you have to know about coil-overs. All the coilovers may not perfect for FRS. To help you learn about the best FRS Coilovers, I will write here about the six best Coilovers, comfortable and adjustable for FRS.

I hope you will read this article attentively before deciding on investing in Coilovers. Coilovers may look similar to a typical strut and spring, but they aren’t the same.

Best Coil overs depends on your needs and what you want to build. That means if you’re going to make your FRS a track monster, stances show car, or an all-around daily driving vehicle. The coil-overs choice will be different.

Keep reading this article until the end if you want to figure out all the questions mentioned earlier.

Table Of Best Coilovers for FRS


  • Full length is adjustable.
  • A comfortable level of a typical lowering vehicle.
  • Simple to install and roll up
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  • Flexible back camber plates accessible.
  • The ride quality is fantastic.
  • Good daily driver.
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  • Trouble-free installation
  • It has a low profile design
  • Very easy to mount and remove without tools
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  • They aren’t too harsh.
  • The flex z handlers are well.
  • They aren’t too stiff.
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  • Independent Ride Height and Spring Pre-load Adjustments
  • 32 clicks damping setting.
  • You can lower your car without sacrificing the travel of the shock.
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  • Higher spring rates
  • Adjustable dampening.
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Reviews Of The Best Coilovers for Daily Driving FRS

Here we compare six FRS Coilovers, which will be the best Coilovers for daily driving FRS. In this article, we aim towards those who want a more comfortable ride in their coilover suspension using Coilovers while improving the handling and ride. Let’s know about the six Coilovers for FRS.

1. Rev9 R9-HS2-004_2 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

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Specific highlights: 

  • Viable With Lexus GS 300/GS350/GS450/GS460 RWD (S190) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011.
  • Uncommonly Designed Coil Springs Over Shock Kit To Lower The Vehicle Proper Way.
  • No Installation Instructions; Install By Experienced Professionals Recommended


Hyper-street II coil overs are a remarkable suspension overhaul for vehicle lovers searching for dealing with execution improvement. Mono-tube stuns with 32 degrees of damping change combined with stiffer springs than processing plant to give better ride insight. Bringing down your vehicle with legitimately planned springs and shakes as entire, not exclusively to look great yet to improve your ride.

Thumbs Up

  • Full length is adjustable.
  • A comfortable level of a typical lowering vehicle.
Thumbs Down

  • Nothing bad.

2. FRS BC Coilovers – BC Racing BR Series Coilovers 2012+ Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z

[amazon box=”B00E0PSW1U” template=”vertical”]

Special Highlights:

  • Mono-tube stun plan.
  • 30 degrees of hosing power change.
  • Pillowball mounts and flexible camber plates included.
  • Flexible back camber plates accessible.
  • Separate Full-length tallness is customizable.
  • Altered and Non-Inverted arrangements.

Description :

The BR Type BC Racing best street coilovers frs are the ideal option for road driving with a scramble of end of the week champion track activity.

Highlights virtually loose change handles and independently customizable ride stature, the BR arrangement makes changing and keeping up your exhibition Coilover framework simpler than any time in recent memory. Ride height is freely client movable, so you can dial in the specific hope to mirror your driving style and execution needs.

BC's protected curved lower locking ring keeps all changes secured and prepared for accuracy, unsurprising criticism in any situation. BR arrangement coil-overs give a reliable, complete, and alluring coil overs framework at tremendous rates.

Thumbs Up

  • Handle autocross well.
  • Good daily driver.
  • Ride quality is fantastic.
Thumbs Down

  • Sometimes may be misleading.

3. Mono Tube Coilover Fits Scion FRS FR-S FT86 GT86/ Subaru BRZ Coilover

[amazon box=”B07J5725XB” template=”vertical”]

Special Highlights:

  • 36 way fit able monotube shocks.
  • It includes all four sides – Front right, Front left, Rear right, Rear left.
  • Exceptional anodized finish and Teflon coated threads to prevent rust.
  • Front camber plates.

Description :

FRS D2 Coilovers kit is a high-performance suspension system. It is specially designed for your vehicle. D2 Coilovers specially fit on Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, Toyota. Its ride height can adjustable with separate preloaded.

It is monotube shocks designed. It is perfect for the modified street car that also sees weekend track time. The D2 Coilovers racing suspension permitted you to lower your vehicles while maintaining full strut travel at all times.

Thumbs Up

  • They are stiff but comfortable on the street.
  • The dampers are unique.
  • 36-ways damper.
Thumbs Down

  • D2 racing suspension coilovers have nothing terrible.

 4. Tein VSQ54-C1SS4 Flex Z Coilover Kit for Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ

[amazon box=”B00SF6MGS0″ template=”vertical”]

Special Highlights:

  • Full-Length ride height adjustment
  • Twin-Tube structure for low resiliency & securing sufficient stroke.
  • Complete Kit with Upper Mount

Description :

The Tein Flex Z Coilover Suspension Kit – Adjustable Ride Height Full-Length Systems, 16 Levels Of Linear Damping Force Adjustment. Tein Flex Z Coilovers offer a great Coilover framework at an alluring cost because of selecting another stage.

These Tein Coilover packs expand security and grasp while keeping up excellent ride quality out and about and a top-quality position for an all bases covered arrangement. An abbreviated damper body used to ride better and improve execution when brought down hang statures.

Road Flex Z Coilover packs are an excellent alternative for drivers needing a basic and quality made coilover unit. Every application is test fitted, and the street tried to guarantee the ideal harmony among solace and execution.

Thumbs Up

  • They aren’t too harsh.
  • Perfect daily driver.
  • The flex z handlers are well.
  • They aren’t too stiff.
Thumbs Down

  • Flex Z is not rebuildable.

5. Godspeed(MRS1540-A) MonoRS Coilovers Lowering Kit Made For Scion FRS

[amazon box=”B00EW4XJ3U” template=”vertical”]

Special Highlights: 

  • Improved Spring Rate To Help Ride Handling And Response
  • Valving Allows 32 Precise Levels of Rebound Adjustment
  • Koyo Japan 6204z Bearing To Improve Piston Strokes Smoother.
  • Larger Capacity 52mm Mono-tube Shock Design, Anti-Corrosion
  • Racing Grade Shock Oil With High Viscosity Index
  • Weight Saving Aluminum Components And Carbon Steel Lower Mount Sections
  • Independent Ride Height and Spring Pre-load Adjustments


Mono RS Coilover damper pack by Godspeed Project are transitional suspension update arrangement for every day and Sunday club hustling.

Bringing down your vehicle with improved springs over processing plant and matched with Mono-tube stuns with valving that permits 32 degrees of bounce back acclimation to improve taking care of without penance comfort.

Ride tallness can, without much of a stretch, be changed by turning the lower mount section. Keep weight pick up at the base; the vast majority of connections and extras are CNC machined from billet aluminum.

Koyo orientation is utilized when the camber plate top mount is material relies upon vehicle models. Guarantee that our clients are getting top-notch items, MonoRS coilovers are covered by a year restricted guarantee by the producer start to finish much the same as other huge brand name arrangements.

Thumbs Up

  • You can lower your car without sacrificing the travel of the shock.
  • MonoRS Coilover package is a pretty good choice for the money.
  • 32 clicks damping setting.
Thumbs Down

  • They are incredibly pink.

6. GGodspeed (MMX2220) 2012 2013 & up Scion FRS 12+ / Subaru BRZ 12+ Mono-max Coilover

[amazon box=”B00LBFMEY8″ template=”vertical”]

Special Highlights: 

  • Completely Adjustable independent tallness, spring strain, pack hosing, and bounce back hosing
  • Proficient evaluation stun 52mm, Dia.
  • Mono-tube consistent stun with 44mm interior cylinder
  • Erosion Finish anodized aluminum and powder covered carbon steel parts
  • Excellent one year restricted guarantee from date of procurement


Godspeed Mono Max coilovers include a Monotube stun. The stunning body is made out of a carbon consistent steel 52mm cylinder. The 44mm inward cylinder gives the most significant hosing reaction. Cold-bowed springs produced using high strength SAE9252 steel like this improve the harmony among execution and solace. The Mono Max Coilovers is a suspension you can live with ordinary.

Mono max coilovers have a top-notch formal hat that sits on of the stunning body. Godspeed Coilovers highlight an elite bearing pad ball mount. Over this gives a smooth agreeable ride when stretching the boundaries of your vehicle.

Thumbs Up

  • Higher spring rates
  • Adjustable dampening.
  • Affordable price.
Thumbs Down

  • There are no bad in Godspeed Mono Max coilovers.
[amazon box="B00LBFMEY8" template="horizontal"]

Related Post

Buying instructions:

Other than your tires, the suspension you run is perhaps the main components that will influence your taking care of and lap time around the track. We likewise can't deny its significance with regards to how your ride looks.

So while you can get low and improve your taking care of qualities with a bunch of bringing down springs, 99% of vehicle folks will reveal to you Coilovers are the best approach for the best execution, customizability, and ride comfort.

In this article, I have been written about the six top rated Coilovers for FRS, so when you buy one of these coilovers for your FRS, you should judge some steps before buying. There are many different types of brands and styles.

So before buying, you should check the Coilovers is FRS bc coilovers or not. So let's see the steps which you should be remember before buying coil overs for FRS.

FRS best budget Coilovers:

Spending much money on buying an expensive kit will not always be an excellent decision for your FRS. There are many things to keep in mind while shopping. Before spending money, think about it is right for you or not. Ask your relatives or friends who recently buy Coilovers. Use the money in the right things. The five Coilovers which I write in my article are FRS best budget Coilovers.


Generally, all coil overs are adjusted in the same way. Here is some problem which you may face.

  • Losing of the lock collar at either end.
  • Twist the main threaded shock body.
  • Twisting the shock body can effectively screw it into the lower mount.
  • You may see that you are looking to go extremely low.
  • The car is not as low as you like once you screw the shock body into the cup.

If you face these kinds of problems, then the only way to get rid of and go lower from this is to unload the spring. If you empty the spring by spinning the spring's lower mount around the threaded shock body, it means you create a "droop" condition. Which means the spring is loose.

Droop can turn into a dangerous condition. When you hit a big bump, the spring can free-float between the upper and lower mounts while the coilovers are unloaded, and nothing is forcing it to land correctly. So, when the coilovers become compressed and the spring land incorrectly, that may cause severe damage.

Helper spring is not thick; they are a light spring installed between the mainspring and the spring mount. Helper spring is easily compressible, and they exist purely to let the car go lower if the mainspring is unloaded during driving. That time the helper spring will stretch out to maintain constant tension on it. That's why you should keep helper springs. These give you the benefit of lowering the car more.

Top Mounts :

There are various sorts of top mounts on coil overs that nearly utilize the OEM top mounts. You'll see that a few models of coil overs have customizable top horses to change things like camber and caster, which is particularly valuable with regards to dialing your vehicle inaccurately.

What does Coilovers do? What's the reason for Spring Coilovers? 

Coilovers are the short form of "coil spring over strut." Coilovers permit you to tweak each corner autonomously for a definitive in-vehicle equilibrium and control. Coilovers can improve your style and performance in the never-ending quest by lowering your rides.

Below are the explanation of the Coilover spring-

  • To forestall the chassis from reaching as far down as possible
  • Uphold every individual wheel on the vehicle
  • To moderate or decrease body roll when alternating and cornering
  • Especially at higher rates, it also reduces crouching, quickening, and jumping while decelerating.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ):

How much does it cost to Turbo an FRS?

On the off chance that you need a tried pack that shouldn't mess motor up, or be a cerebral pain to possess, then you're taking a gander at $5,000. I would suggest visiting some Scion FR-S discussions on the web.

Besides, it would be best if you contemplated establishment and tuning; those things will run you somewhere in the range of $500 - $2000 consolidated, relying upon how you approach them, etc. You would prefer not to introduce something like this except if you understand what you're doing. It would help if you also had an expert to tune any motor that you intensely alter with constrained enlistment.

Is the FRS an excellent daily driver?

In my opinion, FRS is an excellent daily driver. Its comfy seats, A/C, Notchy 6-speed, super stable on the highway, and looks neat. But it just depends on what you value in a daily driver. It depends on your everyday life.

If you are a university student, then it is perfect for you. But if you are married and have children, then you should choose another option. If you want to get you from point A to point B and don't care about how it drives, there are much better options.

Is the Scion FRS reliable?

With the ratings of 4.5 out of 5 from J.D. Power. I think it is the right reliable car. With the Nimble handling, supportive, comfy front seats, user-friendly touch screen, rough ride on bumpy roads, cramped rear seats. The 2016 scion FRS rank at the top of its class.

How to remove the FRS Exhaust system?

For removing Exhaust System from the FRS, you have to follow some steps. You also can visit this for the actions and for knowing more.

Do Coilovers give you a  smooth ride?

Although Coilovers sometimes may be harsh and may give you a rough ride, if you can use it entirely and make sure that you have used everything correctly, it will provide you with a smooth ride.

Do Coilovers an excellent daily driver?

No, Coilovers are not perfect for daily driving because they make your ride extraordinarily stiff and uncomfortable. However, it's possible to adjust Coilovers to make them acceptable for everyday driving.

Final verdict:

Finally, in my opinion, which Coilovers should you choose it entirely depends on you. According to your budget, choice, and coil-overs design, specifications, duration, quality, and price, you should select a coil overs that will perfect for you. Here I talked about the six best FRS Coilovers. All are very high-quality Coil overs. And every Coilover has some impressive specifications. Now the decision is up to you.

After reading about all the coil-overs, you should decide that they will be perfect for your Scion FRS. I hope this article helps you with choosing Coil overs. I hope now you are clear, which are the best Coilovers for FRS. 

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