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Best Intake for FRS | Updated In 2021 Best Intake for FRS | Updated In 2021

Best Intake for FRS | Top 6 Forceful Engine Companion

The modern automobile structure is continually shifting its technological build-up formula. As an extension of this, some engineers do not design the thermostatic intake arrangement. Likewise, Scion FR-S from first-rated Toyota makers lacks this essential fast-riding, engine-friendly device. So, our priority today is to bring light to the best intake for FRS

If you are in search of some cold air intakes with highly developed discharge controls, better dirt monitoring, and mounted horsepower support, then here is the good news! This broadly revised article will introduce you to some of the top-branded and multi-featured intakes for FR-S. So, just sit tight and

Best Intake for FR-S – The Comprehensive Profile of Products 

The upcoming portion of this article embraces six of the best supplementary air intake reviews. Therefore, to let you think with a clear mind about the intake preferences, our sincere assistance begins here. Let us explore together! drive through this review compilation.

1.K&N 69-8619TS Intake Kit: “Best Air Intake for FRS”

High Performance, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower: Fits 2012-2019 Toyota/Subaru/Scion (86, GT 86, BRZ, FR-S) 2.0L H4, 69-8619TSUsers searching for dynamic performance and significant resilience can prioritize the air intake tools from K&N. From sophisticated acceleration to throttle reaction, this kit can be regarded as the best cold air intake for FR-S. Moreover, along with the glossy appearance and quality towing, this air intake system renders optimum engine protection. 

However, as for the core features, let us give a shortlist. This model weighs 5 pounds, and the dimension is (20.25 x 12.25 x 12.5)”. Additionally, the item Model No is 69-8619TS. This excellent cold air intake is compatible with Scion FR-S, BRZ, 86 and GT 86. 

Features and Benefits:

Exceptional Air Filter 

The K&N intake is engineered with the brand trademark -the Heavy-Flow air filter. This advanced-level technology enables contaminant-shielding for the engine. Besides, this filter is one of the largest in the market with an exceptional conical design that delivers extra airflow. And, that is also at a lesser restriction than the other intakes.  As well, the extended size seizes a lot of dust and continues the deal for about 100,000 mileages. 

Boosted Horsepower Aptitude

In this intake system, the sleek tube layout supplies a failsafe horsepower augmentation. Moreover, the precisely built kit mechanism ensures about 50% increased airflow and enhanced torque. 

Easiest Installation Guarantee 

Just your basic tool-kit is necessary for the K&N cold-air intake. Furthermore, the manufacturers distinctively fix the overall kit gears. So, the pre-existed holes plus the mounting points make it trouble-free to install the intake system. 


  • Official warranty of 10 years/million mileage
  • Better-quality engine vibration
  • Uncomplicated maintenance facility 
  • Precise and noteworthy aesthetics 

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2.Perrin PSP-INT-330RD Air Intake: “Best Cold Air Intake for FRS

Perrin Performance PSP-INT-330RD Red Air IntakePerrin Performance is such an automobile gear brand that assembles a complete array of top-notch products. Our selected Perrin Red air intake is an excellent FR-S intake to maintain a correct air/oil ratio. Correspondingly, it can prevent engine overloading with appropriate MAF configuration and perfect tube shape. 

From the manufacturers, this model holds 4.3lbs. weight. Also, the model number is PSP-INT-330RD, red version. This Perrin cold intake supports the 2013 Scion FR-S plus 2013 Subaru BRZ vehicle. 

Features and Benefits:

High-Tech Filter Quality

Perrin Intake’s filter components utilize exposed cell -foam to confine all the dirt and pollutants. In addition, even after multiple washes, you can use this filter frequently. Its foamy texture enlarges the vehicle’s life-span prominently. 

Seamless Cooling System

Unlike most conventional intakes, this model locates the gear filter at the back of the front side bumper. As a result, the intake does not get heated by the car exhaust or radiator. Thus, the filter can repetitively pull cold and clean air internally. 

Precise Build-up

The main attraction of Perrin Red is its CNC mandrel fixed tube with aluminum. Furthermore, this intake machinery encloses smooth curvatures, and ideal placement of CNC built MAF bung.

Below the intake’s logo, a small yet efficient tubing ‘pinch’ lets the intake deliver through the engine inlet(bay) without trimming procedures. 


  • Solid and modified sound creation
  • Certified manufacturer warranty of 5-years 
  • Enhanced Horsepower and torque facility 
  • Comparatively less weighted

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3.DNA Motoring ITK-FRS-BK Black Intake Kit – “Best FRS Air Intake”

DNA Motoring ITK-FRS-BK Aluminium Alloy Cold Air Intake KitIn search of the best intake for FR-S, now our preference goes to the cold-air intake from DNA Motoring. This special intake kit offers the most delicate heat management system and advanced breathable technology. On top of that, there is no hassle of adding oil while using the intake filter. Hence, you can be rest -assured about the clogging of the mass airflow sensor. 

From the DNA Motoring brand, this intake kit has a weight of 4.85 kg and a dimension of (41.66 X38.86 X16.26) cm. Our discussed item’s number is ITK-FRS-BK, so you can easily use it on Scion FR-S 13-17 models. 

Features and Benefits:

Outstanding SRI formula

This model features an SRI (Short Ram Intake) design, which involves improved MPG due to a healthy fuel-burning process. However, this type is a must-have for vehicle owners with a pushed induction engine. This is because, the engine-sided compressors (i.e., turbochargers) make the inward air hot. Thus, the facilities of CAI (Cold Air Intake) decrease significantly. 

User-friendly Filter Component

DNA’s Aluminum alloy made intake holds a unique filter substance. It is a similar kind of micro-cotton gauze material that has entirely uncomplicated usage properties. Moreover, you can wash it with regular water and light soap. This component is reusable and actively works to attract cooler air inside the gear. 

Easy Set-ups and Power -boosting Shape

In DNA Motoring intakes, you will find all the essential hardware included with the packaging. However, expert supervision is recommended by manufacturers. 

As for the Shape, this intake has a roundly pointed cone-shaped exterior. Also, the semi-polished outside and finely engineered internal construction ensure a six to eight percent torque power increase and five to ten HPs augmentation. On the whole, it provides upgraded fuel mileage. 


  • Ultra-preventive measure for increased fuel burning
  • Dynamic filtration performance with 95% advancement
  • High-quality throttle reaction 
  • Thoroughly researched gear fitment

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4. Rtunes Racing Blue Intake System – “Scion FRS Intake”

Retuns Racing’s intake is specially engineered to abstain the engine element from captivating unnecessary open-air source warmness. Alongside, the heatshield of this device defends the machinery and carcass from heat impairment.

When the vehicle engine soaks up the intake’s aluminum pipe passed cold air, it improves the car’s throttle activity and adds HP to the system. This product package holds a dimension of (16 x 13.5 x 13.5) inches and weighs 6 pounds. 

Features and Benefits:

Air Filter with Dry Feature 

Latest air filters do not contain an oil-filtration mechanism nowadays. Likewise, Rtunes Racing’s filter works as a dry filter without oil addition. It is fully user-friendly and washable. However, the manufacturers recommend filter testing per 5-thousand miles. 

Installation with Uncomplicated Procedures

Usually, the CAI system with a heatshield plus filter combination requires less than one and a half an hour to install. So, this intake only needs a simple ratchet-set, pliers, and, of course, a screwdriver for the fixing process. 

The entire pieces of necessary mounting instruments, reducers, vacuum hoses arrive with the packaging. Thus, it makes the whole set-up course simpler than ever. Nevertheless, without prior experience, we discourage self-installation. 


  • Efficient for preventing engine damage
  • Optimized gas mileage
  • Enhanced horsepower supply
  • Decent protection from external contaminants

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 5. Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake Kit – “Best Intake For FRS”

Cold Air Intake Kit with Heat Shield 2013-2016 Compatible with FR-S GT 86 & For BRZThe cold air intake from Velocity Concepts increases power as well as delivers improved engine performance, unlike typical air intake kits. As a result, it provides a boosted HP count of up to 10 units. Besides, the torque becomes 6 to 8% higher and ensures better automobile mileage. 

Additionally, this intake set dimension is (39.37 X 39.37 X 19.69)”. The total weight is 10 lbs. Moreover, the brand uses only OEM automatic mechanism to manufacture the intake gears. Here, premium silicone has been used in the intake body (elbow, hoses, and coupler). 

Features and Benefits:

Aluminum-based Heatshield

This intake selection uses AF-Dynamic (Auto Focus) technology and an aluminum-built heatshield. The heatshield portion comes with a deep-component insulation mat.

Thus, this mat material plus heatshield combo guarantees a significant amount of airflow. Furthermore, it diminishes internal intake hotness and absorbs the heat of the engine. 

Full-packed Hardware Availability

Velocity Concepts brand supplies all of the basic hardware and all-inclusive instructions manual with the packaging. Moreover, users can finish the overall installation task within half an hour to 45 minutes. Also, the installation requires only hand instrument involvement without any hassle of drilling or cutting. However, remember to take expert help in times of set-up. 


  • Stable and energetic engine sound
  • Successful delivery of 95% more filtration efficacy
  • Comfortable cleaning and reusing facility 
  • High-end stainless-steel made parts

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6. Rtunes Racing Red Intake System – “Best Cold Air Intake for FRS”

Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield KitLast but not least, we will introduce another Rtunes Racing intake. This red-colored, 2-liter capacity holder intake kit provides excellent service to gain insider cold air. Alongside, this model does not deprive the users of the utmost increase in HP output and throttle activities. 

According to the manufacturer’s info, the intake package dimension is (16 x 14 x 14) inches, and like the blue one, it weighs 6 pounds. This model works with FR-S 2013 to 2020 models. Unquestionably, the intake design favors the vehicle engine with the brilliant property of heatshield. 

Features and Benefits:

Prominent Quality Filtration 

Rtunes Racing’s intake gear comprises a specialized dry-air filter, which considerably decreases conventional oil filters’ limitations. As a result, your engine mechanism becomes intact with its superb dirt-elimination formula. As it is washable, you can use mild soapy water to clean it. Then rinse it out until the filter gets dried. Reuse is also possible at the same time. 

All-inclusive Hardware Packaging

You can be worry-free about using the intake system as it comes loaded with an essential hardware set. It includes vacuum hoses, reducers, and other vital mounting gadgets. Hence, just with your home toolset, you can finish the fixing trials. 


  • Seamless fitting with the vehicle
  • Upgraded heat extraction cylinder
  • Amplified engine response 
  • Perfect combination of elegance and efficiency

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Best Intake for FR-S – A Comparison Table of the Selected Intake Systems

To evaluate your demands, here is a shortlist of the products with a glance of comparison. 

Product Net Weight Vehicle Compatibility Special Features
  • K&N 69-8619TS Intake Kit: 
5 pounds 2012-2019 Scion FR-S Dyno-tested for boosted HP
  • Perrin PSP-INT-330RD Air Intake:
4.3 pounds 2013 Scion FR-S Safe maintenance of air/fuel rate
  • DNA Motoring ITK-FRS-BK Black Intake Kit 
4.85 kg 13-17 Scion / FR-S 86 Extreme power capacity through the total RPM range 
  • Rtunes Racing Blue Intake System
6 pounds 13-20 Scion FR-S No supplementary device required for installation
  • Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake Kit
10 pounds 13-16 Scion FR-S GT 86 Well-developed throttle feedback
  • Rtunes Racing Red Intake System
6 pounds 13-20 Scion FR-S Exclusively designed dry filter

How to Pick the Best Intake for FR-S 

You do not want to select any faulty, damaged or incompatible intake for your FR-S. 

So, first and foremost, you need the vehicle and intake system compatibility before buying. Another one, you should choose the type wisely, CAI (cold air intake) or WAI (warm air intake). Of course, in general, the manufacturer’s original logo, model number, and production year are routine check-ups. Nevertheless, some other factors that need your attention are listed below- 

  • Air Filter Type

In any intake structure, the air filter part plays the most crucial role. In both intake types-cold air or hot, the filter creates fluency in-vehicle combustion slot action. It wards off dirt and contaminants to augment the engine and fuel effectiveness. Hence, recheck the filter quality and ensure the presence of a specific air filter when purchasing the air intake. 

  • Lubricated Filter Part

Though there are some advantages of the lubricated filter systems, air intake breakdowns may occur from long-span usage. Consequently, the construction of minuscular fuel particles can contaminate the airflow rhythm. 

On top of, this mechanism can even compromise the original machine power schemes. So, it is crucial to determine the filter type beforehand. You can choose a dried-out straining element to avoid this issue. 

  • CARB Authorization

CARB (California Air Resource Board) certification is a must for the Californian vehicle exhaust or intake instruments. However, this certificate guarantees harmless vehicle adjustments. In other words, it clarifies that the additional intake gear does not hinder the emission panels of the automobile. 

If your purchased intake fulfills the requirements, it will contain a number called CARB EO. Any alteration of this rule may lead to car confiscation or a traffic fine. 

  • Mass Flow Sensor Quality 

 MFS (Mass Flow Sensor) estimates the air mass count and regulates the overall amount of internal airflow. Thus, the MFS makes the most of the engine with its crucial workout. However, the vane meter is a popular MFS type. Another one is the hot wire. So, checking the intake sensor quality and specs is essential. 

FAQ Best Cold Air Intake for FRS 

  • Is it worth getting a cold air intake?

Yes, it is really worth your investment. From the technical viewpoint, the vehicle’s built-in air intake mechanism often gets blocked and results in system-clogging.

Therefore, an additional intake, especially a cold-air one, is a cool remedy for the engine’s full-potential performance to improve this situation. 

  • What does it take to build a purposeful air intake for the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86?

To construct a purposeful air intake for these models, you mainly need to identify the vehicles’ factory air intake issues. However, we recommend going for a torque of 7 WHP and at least 9ft/lbs. of dimension.

It will help if you also supervise the additional intake functionality with around a thousand miles of steering and an efficient Dyno-testing method. 

  • Is the FRS a good daily driver?

Performance-wise, the FR-S series are mostly loved by the users. For daily market rounds, FR-S is really suitable. However, for extended highway driving or whole town tour, you may notice some shortage of power. 

  • How much HP does an intake give?

The horsepower boosting can elevate or lessen according to the vehicle model, engine capacity, and of course, the intake layout. Additionally, HP can also be modified due to the new intake placement. However, on average, the cargo users can receive horsepower rising between the 5-15 range. 

  • What does the intake do?

Generally speaking, intake arrangement escorts air toward the vehicle engine. Thus, it provides the essential amount of oxygen for the ignition progression. Besides, the overall car performance heightens dynamically as the intake system permits the fresh and frequent airflow entrance into the engine.  

Our Suggested Product 

We recommend you go with K&N 69-8619TS Intake Kit for your Scion FR-S for fast track performance. However, Velocity Concepts Cold Air Intake Kit is an ideal choice if you want some extra tech coverage. 

Yet, you can also consider Rtunes Racing Blue/Red Intake Systems. We have marked both of them as the best cold air intake for scion FR-S in terms of FR-S compatibility. This is because they work outstandingly on FR-S models from 2013 to the latest 2020.

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Wrap Up

Though many highly- reviewed, lavish- styled intakes for Scion FR-S are available at every marketplace, quality-maintenance may not be the only purpose behind them. Furthermore, no product is beyond limits.

Benefits and downsides concerning the product’s total competence are always closely associated. Therefore, in order to pick the best intake for FR-S, we have featured the intakes with top-class airflow capability and lower restriction. As well, we paid close attention to the economic sides. 

At the end of the session, we can assure you that the core of the above research is the outcome of our resourceful thought with the combination of innovative mindsets.

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