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Best Polaris Ranger Windshield Reviews

The level of protection your windshield gives is too significant to overlook. It is the reason you find this part on all road vehicles and off-road vehicles. With this in mind, we have dedicated this page to all Polaris ranger owners as we plan to help them through their quest to search for the best Polaris ranger windshield in the market. 

The windshield has proven to be a lifesaver in many circumstances. It has saved lots of life as a result of preventing the flying object from coming in contact with the rider and many more. The good side of using windshield that I so much appreciate is how it shields the car driver from a forceful breeze that could affect one’s performance, especially when engaged in a race.

So, in a nutshell, the use of windshield is so important to any vehicle. Getting a fitted windshield has to do with putting some things into consideration. We know how daunting it will be for you as a novice and sometimes as an expert who gets confused as a result of many styles and types in the market.

Our top 10 list will help you through this period, and we are sure you will ever appreciate your investment. Also, make sure you read through the guide we have for you after the reviews of the products.

Comparison Of Best Polaris Ranger Windshield

[amazon box=”B07NSFHPNQ,B072WFLMTY,B010R9P2MO,B07NWR3FPY,B074MD5WTR,B07NPY214F,B07NWVQ78Z,B079545W93″ items=”8″ template=”table”]

Best Windshield for Polaris 500,570,900/XP 1000 Ranger

SuperATV – 2019/2020 Polaris ranger XP 1000 Windshield

[amazon box=”B07NSFHPNQ” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Heavy Duty Clear Full Windshield makes the first on our list, and the features justify the reason it makes the top list. This particular windshield comes in two different styles, and the first is resistant to scratch, and the second is not resistant to scratch. It is best you go for the one with scratch-resistant even though it comes higher at a price, but it worth investing your money.

If you get a non-scratch resistant windshield, you will have to do lots of maintenance work to keep it clean and neat at all times. Frequent scratch on the windshield will affect the appearance and can also affect your vision when driving, which is not too good for your safety. 

The windshield is 100 percent fitment guaranteed. It is made in the USA, and it boasts of top-quality materials, which makes it one of the best if you are looking for better protection with the use of windshield. The windshield is hard coated on both sides, which makes it solid to withstand impact from external objects. The durability is unquestionable.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install as it comes with all necessary hardware and instruction on how you can easily go about fitting in your car. The design makes it fit perfectly with the help of the rubber seal. It is an investment you will forever appreciate without regret. 


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all necessary hardware and instructions
  • Can be used with soft or hard tops

  • It is not resistant to scratch

[amazon box=”B07NSFHPNQ” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV – Polaris Ranger 500/570 Midsize Windshield

[amazon box=”B072WFLMTY” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Non-Scratch Resistant Full Windshield is a perfect choice for Polaris Ranger Midsize Full Windshield. This fits most Polaris midsize from the year 2015 to 2017. It is not an ideal option for any full-size ranger or ranger midsize 800. It is one of the best that you ought to consider if you have this kind of car and in need of a windshield. 

This comes with a dimension of 45.3 inches wide and 29 inches tall. It is made of ¼ inches non-resistant polycarbonate material. It is 250 times stronger than glass, so it has all it takes to soak in any pressure and impact from any external objects.

The strength of the material ensures that it doesn’t get damaged easily and will last longer compared to others in its class. The only setback with it is that it lacks scratch resistance. That alone could be the turn off for you as scratches on the windshield could easily affect your vision and the way you see things.

The windshield is so reliable to protect against chemical, UV attack, and some other flying objects in the air that could hit you unannounced. It is very easy to install, comes with all essential hardware needed to install on your car or vehicle without the use of additional tools. 


  • Protects against chemical and UV attack
  • Made of the strongest material
  • Strong to withstand impact 
  • Contoured to hood with full-length rubber seal for a great fit
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all necessary hardware and instructions

  • Doesn’t fit with full-size Polaris
  • Not resistant to scratch

[amazon box=”B072WFLMTY” template=”horizontal”]

2013 – 2019 Polaris Ranger 900 XP Windshield

[amazon box=”B010R9P2MO” template=”vertical”]

The A&S AUDIO AND SHIELD comes as a complete assembled windshield that can be considered for UTVs and some other off-road vehicles. It is a product of one of the reputable brands that you can trust to serve you well without any regret over your investment. It is very easy to install on your vehicle as it requires no use of tools or drilling.

It is made from high-quality material that makes it super strong and durable to handle anything thrown at it. It is stylish and so do not miss out on the primary purpose, which is to protect you from the sun, rain, and some other things that could easily hit you when driving. 

Also, the design and construction are dynamic as it comes with a folding design. You can fold the windshield down, so you feel the breeze when driving, and you can release back to its original position. This feature makes it a great choice for all seasons. You can use it during summer and winter without any hassles. You do not have to struggle with handling the windshield as it doesn’t weigh much, which could be a challenge to you.


  • Easy installation
  • Foldable design
  • Strong to withstand impact 
  • Resistant to UV rays and rain

  • A fitting challenge as you are required to check if it fits your vehicle or not

[amazon box=”B010R9P2MO” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV – Polaris Ranger Rear Windshield

[amazon box=”B07NWR3FPY” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Lightly Tinted Non-Scratch Resistant is also one of the best you can consider keeping dust and some other materials away from getting into your car. This fits perfectly on Polaris ranger XP 900 of the 2013 model and above. It is very important that you check the compatibility of your vehicle with the windshield before purchase.

For you to install the windshield on your vehicle, you must ensure that your vehicle has a stock roll cage because that is the right place for you to install the windshield. During installation, you need to confirm the fitment to the machine before removing the plastic film that comes with it so that you do not violate the warranty policy. 

The primary windshield function is to protect you from flying debris and shifting material. The windshield comes with all the hardware and all that you need to install it. The glass comes lightly tinted, and it is made from polycarbonate, which makes it super solid than glass.


  • Stronger than glass
  • Durable 
  • Perfect for protection against flying debris and other material
  • Easy installation

  • Not scratch resistant

[amazon box=”B07NWR3FPY” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV Windshield Reviews

[amazon box=”B074MD5WTR” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Heavy Duty Scratch Resistant is made with hard-coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate. The polycarbonate makes it super solid and strong to withstand pressure and rigor when driving. This fits many kinds of rangers, and you need to check and select the one that fits your vehicle perfectly. 

This windshield is great for all seasons as it comes with three different positions, such as the open, vented and closed. It can be used with soft or hardtops. The windshield is highly durable, with ¼ inches scratch resistance. Also, it can help to protect you from direct contact with flying objects.

You can protect against chemicals, UV attacks, and some other things that could harm you when driving. The simplicity of the windshield design makes it a great choice for all. The maintenance is minimal as you’ve got nothing so serious to do to keep the windshield in good condition. 


  • Rubber seal for a great fit
  • Coated with abrasive resistant material
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate
  • Easy installation

  •  None

[amazon box=”B074MD5WTR” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV – 2013 – 2020 Polaris Ranger 900 XP Windshield

[amazon box=”B07NPY214F” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Heavy Duty Flip/Fold Down 2-IN-1 Windshield is a perfect choice for those in search of a full windshield for their Polaris rangers. This is a windshield that boasts of 100 percent fitment. It is made from ¼ inch polycarbonate, which is stronger than glass. This package comes as two windshields in one. 

The installation is straightforward, and the design is alluring, which makes it a great choice for all. You can switch between full, flip-down, half windshield, or no windshield in seconds without any hassles. You do not need any tools or drilling to install the windshield on your vehicle.

The design of the windshield makes it boasts of contour to the hood with a full-length rubber seal, which is responsible for the smooth fitting. Also, it can be used with soft or hardtops. 


  • Stronger than glass
  • 100 percent fitting
  • Easy to install
  • No tools needed for installation

  • None

[amazon box=”B07NPY214F” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV Lightly Tinted Non-Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Rear Windshield

[amazon box=”B07NWVQ78Z” template=”vertical”]

The SuperATV Lightly Tinted Non-Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Rear Windshield is one of those you can invest your money into without any regret. It is a great option for those who are interested in choosing the right windshield for their vehicle. Fitting on your vehicle is very easy for you, as you do not need extra or added tools for installation.

This windshield has 100 percent fitment guaranteed, and it has to be installed on a stock roll cage on your vehicle. It is important that you check and confirm the fitment of the windshield before you decide you want to invest your money. 

This is one of the reliable windshields you should own if you need one that can protect you from flying debris or other materials. The material in which the windshield is made from is of high quality, and it is stronger than glass.


  • Rattle free fit
  • Made from tinted polycarbonate
  • Easy to install
  • Protect passenger from dust

  • Not scratch resistant

[amazon box=”B07NWVQ78Z” template=”horizontal”]

SuperATV Heavy Duty Clear Non-Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Rear Windshield

[amazon box=”B079545W93″ template=”vertical”]

Looking for a windshield, you can install without hassles, and then you should consider SuperATV Heavy Duty Clear Non-Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Rear Windshield. This windshield fits the 2015 Polaris ranger of mid-size to 2017 Polaris ranger. The fitment of the windshield is effortless and so easy to do.

This windshield doesn’t fit any Polaris ranger of full size or midsize of 800. The good side of the windshield is that it comes with all hardware or tools that you can use to install the windshield easily. Furthermore, you’ve got yourself a great deal if you ever decide to invest in the windshield. 


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all hardware needed for installation
  • Protects rider from dirt and flying materials

  • None

[amazon box=”B079545W93″ template=”horizontal”]

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Best Windshield for Polaris Ranger – Buyer’s Guide

There are important things that you need to consider when buying a windshield for your vehicle, especially if you won any model of Polaris rangers.


One of the things you need to consider is the fitment of the windshield. If you are getting a windshield for your Polaris ranger, then you should consider the size and fitting. Not all windshield can fit your vehicle cage, and for you to get the one that fits perfectly, you need to check all measures and ensures you get one that fits you perfectly.


There is a different design to the windshield in the market, and you should only choose anyone that will suit you. There are foldable; 3 in 1, 2 in 1, and many more. You should only opt for the one that has the design you love to have on your vehicle.


Price varies from cheap to expensive. If you are getting a windshield, you need to opt for the one that is made from high-quality materials and can last you longer. Getting a quality windshield means you need to spend more to get the best from the bunch in the market.


Getting the best Polaris ranger windshield is one of the important aspects of riding your vehicle with adequate safety measures in place. A windshield is very important when it comes to protecting yourself from flying objects and some other things that could harm you. 

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