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8 Best Tires for Polaris Ranger - Updated In 2024 8 Best Tires for Polaris Ranger - Updated In 2024

Best Tires for Polaris Ranger Review

It is undeniable that Polaris ranger is one of the best UTVs you will come across in the market today. There is no denying the fact that it is the best considering the design, construction, and features.

But what is a Polaris ranger without a good tire? This is the reason we have dedicated this page for the best tires for polaris ranger that you should consider.

With bad tires, not even the best Polaris ranger can perform optimally. Riding on different terrains requires that you have one of the best tire collections as they can beat off obstacles and find their way around any.

We know how daunting it can be to select the best tires for your Polaris ranger, and that is the reason we have come to share with you the list of some of the best you can consider.

Comparison Of Best Polaris Ranger Tires 570,800,900XP,1000

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Top 8 Best Road Tires for Polaris Ranger 570,800,900XP,1000

01. Set of 4 SunF – Polaris Ranger 26x11r12 ATV Tires

[amazon box=”B01N7MRDXN” template=”vertical”]

The Set of 4 SunF A043 XC Racing ATV UTV Radial Sport Tires is just a product of top skills and advanced engineering work. It is one of the best you can consider for your Polaris rangers.

It is a perfect replacement if you indeed want to change the whole four sets of your Polaris ranger tires. That which makes your car works greatly aside from the engine is these tires.

The Polaris ranger tires 26x11r12 come with a directional angled knobby tread design, which is the better choice for most terrain. Your performance is unquestionable with the use of the tires. They can get you anywhere you want to go without any hassles. They offer significant movement on both soft and tough surfaces.

It is the best option for those looking for a perfect tire for their quad ATV, Go Kart, Golf cart, Lawnmower, and UTV. The versatility makes it a great choice for most people that are interested in a long-lasting and quality tire.

The construction and design boast of a heavy six-ply rated style that resists abrasions and punctures. It totally reduces your chance of replacing tires more often due to one thing or another. With the Lug depth and pattern, you have enhanced skid for adequate traction control.

Also, the design has shoulder knobs that offer superb side bite and traction with extra protection to the rim and sidewall. All that the tire is made from is of high quality, and the engineering as well shows it is a great investment for you.


  • Offers smoother ride
  • Rugged to withstand harshest racing conditions
  • Resists punctures and abrasion
  • Perfect for any terrain or trails even desert conditions


  • Expensive

02. Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain 25×10-12 ATV Tires

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The Set of 4 SunF Power. I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires are the perfect choice for ATV, UTV, and Lawnmower. This works virtually on most road vehicles and off-road vehicles. This set is reliable and can get you through any obstacle on your way easily without hassles.

You can easily ride your truck or vehicle and be confident you can’t get stuck because of the design and construction of the tires.

It is designed to offer great performance on trails, and the sturdiness makes it super solid for desert, dirt, mud, and rock surfaces or terrains. The design boasts of premium rubber, which makes it solid to withstand the harshest racing conditions. If you are looking for a perfect replacement for your tires, it a great set to consider. 

Also, the heavy six-ply rated construction of the tires helps to resist punctures and abrasions. The depth of the lug and pattern offers you enhanced skid and great traction control. This is a tubeless tire, and so you must be ready to deal with that. Installing on your car or vehicle is very easy to do, or you can call on the help of others to do that.

This is a great terrain tire you can get at an affordable price. The sturdiness of the tire is its strength, and it can comfortably carry the whole weight of the car body and you as the rider. Also, it comes with a long lifespan as long as you properly manage it. Furthermore, it has aggressive shoulder knobs that offer superb side bite, traction with added protection to rim and sidewall.


  • Lug depth and pattern offers enhanced skid and traction control
  • Perfect for any trails and terrains
  • Great design
  • Affordable
  • Tubeless tire
  • Very strong and durable
  • Non-directional system


  • None at the very moment

Current price at Amazon

03. SunF ATV UTV Tires Polaris Ranger 26x8x12 ATV tires

[amazon box=”B06VS5FVJM” template=”vertical”]

The SunF 26×8-12 26x8x12 ATV UTV Tires comes with a set of two tires that can be used on your UTV and ATVs. It is designed to mount on 12 inches rim.

It is very important that you are sure of your rim size before you buy this tire so that you do not have to battle compatibility. Also, it is very easy to install in your car with or without the help of anyone.

This tire is such a great replacement if you are looking for one that will offer the best performance on any terrain and trails. The tire comes with a directional angled knobby tread design. The tread design of the tire makes it perfect for mud, dirt, and rock surfaces.

The tire is six plies rated in its construction, and that makes it absolutely resistant to punctures and abrasions, which makes it last longer than you could ever imagine. The tire features a premium rubber that is very solid and tough to handle the toughest condition.

The tire can be considered by those who use their cars for racing. It has an aggressive shoulder knob that offers superb side bite and extra traction whenever you are driving on any terrain or trails. Above all, the tire is very affordable.


  • Offers great performance
  • Moves smoothly on any terrains and trails
  • The perfect replacement to your tires
  • Resists punctures and abrasions
  • Offers topnotch traction control


  • None

Current price at Amazon

04. Set of 4 ATV/UTV Tires – 26×11-12 ATV Tires

[amazon box=”B078MS1T8V” template=”vertical”]

The Set of 4 ATV/UTV Tires is a wonderful set with a lug design that offers great braking control. The heavy six-ply rated nylon construction helps to resists punctures and abrasions. Unlike some other tires that will get damaged easily, this is designed for long-term use, which will help you save money and resources you could have used for buying tires often.

The tire has a size of 26×11-12. So, it is very important that you get the right size for your car, and you can only get to know the exact size through the size of your rim.

Also, it has a maximum load capacity of 480@7psi. The weight of the tire is something you can easily deal with as it doesn’t weigh much. You can easily carry from one place to another easily without hassles. 

The 26×11-12 ATV tire has a dynamic tread pattern that offers great traction and also allows smooth acceleration when on the move. Also, the tread ensures that it can withstand pressure and maneuver any form of an obstacle it finds on its way.

If you are looking for the right set of tires for perfect replacement, then you should consider this set. It is affordable for all. Also, it is very easy to install, and the interesting part of it is that it comes as a tubeless tire.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another
  • The perfect replacement to many models of UTVs and ATVs
  • Offers smooth acceleration and firm traction


  • None

Current price at Amazon

05. Carlisle ATV Tires 26x11x12

[amazon box=”B005O5ME96″ template=”vertical”]

The Carlisle A.C.T HD ATV Tire fits perfectly on any car with 12 inches Rim. It comes in a size of 26x11R12 and weighs about 29 pounds, which is somewhat easy to move from one place to another. It is the type you can consider as a better replacement t any damaged tire you have on your car. It is designed to serve you for a longer period.

The Carlisle 26x8x12 ATV tires are made from high-quality materials that make it so strong to handle whatever thrown at it. You do not have to worry about the condition of terrain or trail when you have this tire on your car.

It works smoothly on dry, wet, muddy, dirt, and rocky trails and terrains easily without hassles. It is a great investment you will forever appreciate.

The Polaris ATV Tires 26x11x12 is of heavy-duty style with great tread, which makes it super strong and resistant to puncture. It has six-ply rated construction, and so, it can be used on your UTVs and some other utility vehicles. If you so much care about your acceleration and movement, this tire can offer you nothing but the best you ever desire. 

The sturdiness of the tire, the design, and all it has to offer to make it a great choice for you. It can get your car out of any messy condition. It handles terrains so easily and ensures you stay balanced and comfortable while driving even if you drive past rough and rocky terrains.


  • Very Strong
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Enhances your acceleration
  • Boast of good traction on any terrains


  • Just one tire and you might have to buy more if needed

Current price at Amazon

06. Four Tusk Tire – 26×9-12 and 26×10-12 ATV tires

[amazon box=”B07H44DRF6″ template=”vertical”]

The Four Tusk TRILOBITE is a set of heavy-duty tires that are compatible with UTVs and TAVs. This will fit well on 12 inches rim and can always be trusted to offer the best performance. The tire is super solid and can go through all kinds of situations for you to ensure you have the best drive.

They are very strong and durable to go through any obstacle they find on their way. There are just two sets, and the first is designed for the front role while the second is designed for the back position. All that matters is to rightly position the tires, and you are set to enjoy the best performance.

This can be considered by racers who make use of their UTVs or ATVs for racing. The tires are tubeless, super solid, and can very strong to handle whatever that is thrown at it. It has great traction with amazing acceleration, and the tread makes it boasts of adequate balance.

This high duty eight-ply tires give you a smooth ride over rough trails. The extra lugs on the shoulder give you the protection needed for the sidewall and the rim. With the construction and design, the tire is suitable for desert, dirt, rock, mud, and even snowy conditions.


  • Puncture resistant
  • Perfect for all trails and terrains
  • Ideal for long term use
  • Tubeless
  • Great traction and amazing acceleration


  • It has no significant setback

Current price at Amazon

07. 28x10x14 ATV Tires – Polaris Ranger 570,800,900XP,1000 Tires

[amazon box=”B07F7QL6F3″ template=”vertical”]

Here comes a dynamic style of tire that you can use for your Polaris car and some others depending on its compatibility with them. The 28X10-14 TUSK TERRABITES is a blast considering how strong and versatile it is and also with its price in the market. It is a great investment if you are choosing it above others in the market.

This will fit in easily into 14 inches wheel rim. It is made from high-quality materials that make it one of the qualities and versatile tires you can rely on for the best performances.

It is of heavy-duty style, and it is very rugged to handle the toughest condition. Easily, you can find your way around any obstacle on your way with the help of these tires.

The 28x10x14 Tusk Terrabite design makes it a perfect fit for Polaris RZR, Ranger, general, and some sportsman applications. The major challenge you are likely to face is fitting. That is not much of a problem for you as you can easily verify the fitting before purchase. Also, the company gives adequate support to buyers to ensure they have the best experience with the tires.

There are many positive proofs that the tire is the best for you. It has tread with good direction to offer you the traction needed for all terrains. This makes it so easy for you to drive through any trail without any issue. Also, it is resistant to puncture and last longer than you could ever imagine.


  • Perfect for all condition
  • Tough to handle the toughest conditions
  • Puncture resistant
  • Durable and tough
  • Good traction and acceleration


  • None

Current price at Amazon

08. Polaris Ranger 800 Tire Size – 25×10-12 & 25×11-12 ATV Tires

[amazon box=”B07C92ZYH1″ template=”vertical”]

This is a full set tire of front and rear. It is a perfect replacement for 10 to 13 Polaris ranger 800 XP/EFI/EPS. This is a heavy-duty tire that is designed for the toughest task. It can be used on wet, dry, muddy, rough, and rocky terrains. Its way of going through obstacles of different levels or range is amazing, which is the reason it is perfect to be considered as the right replacement.

The Polaris ranger 800 tire size is durable, lightweight, and smooth-rolling on any terrain. It is not heavy for you to carry from one place to another. Replacing with another on your UTV or ATV is straightforward and effortless as you can do with or without the assistance of anyone.

The tire is responsible for the quality performance of your car. It offers quicker acceleration and a reliable braking system. The tread traction and design are second to none, which makes it superb to keep your in control of your vehicle at all times. Also, it moves past obstacles easily.

This tire of heavy six-ply rated nylon construction totally resists punctures and abrasions. It is the reason it is considered as the best choice for racing by most UTV owners. It requires little or no maintenance from you, and that means you can easily use it for a very long period.


  • Resistant to puncture and abrasion
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quicker acceleration assured with solid brake
  • Perfect for most terrains


  • It is expensive

Current price at Amazon

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Best Polaris Ranger Tires – Buyer’s guide

Polaris Rangers are among the most versatile and robust utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) on the market. To maximize performance and safety, choosing the right tires is crucial. This guide will help you select the best Polaris Ranger tires based on your specific needs and usage conditions.

Understand Your Needs

Before purchasing tires, consider how you use your Polaris Ranger:

  • General Use: For light trails and paved roads.
  • Off-Road: For rough, uneven terrain requiring more traction.
  • Mud: For wet, muddy environments where extra grip and wider tread patterns are necessary.
  • Snow: For areas with heavy snowfall, requiring tires with deeper treads for better control.

Tire Types

  • All-Terrain Tires: Versatile and suitable for a variety of surfaces from paved roads to light off-road use.
  • Mud Tires: Feature wide and deep tread patterns to navigate through muddy conditions.
  • Sand Tires: Have a paddle-like design for better traction in sandy areas.
  • Rock Crawling Tires: Designed with reinforced sidewalls and aggressive tread patterns for rocky terrains.
  • Snow Tires: Optimized for cold weather and snow-covered surfaces, offering enhanced traction.

Key Features to Consider

  • Tread Pattern: Determines grip and affects how the tire handles different terrains.
  • Sidewall Strength: Important for off-road tires to prevent punctures and damage.
  • Rubber Compound: Influences tire longevity and performance in specific weather conditions.
  • Size and Fit: Make sure the tires are compatible with your Ranger’s make and model.

Top Tire Recommendations

a. Best All-Terrain Tire

  • Example Model: XYZ All-Terrain Tire
    • Pros: Good balance of traction and durability.
    • Cons: Not as effective in deep mud or heavy snow.

b. Best Mud Tire

  • Example Model: ABC Mud Master
    • Pros: Exceptional performance in mud and wet conditions.
    • Cons: Can be noisy on paved roads.

c. Best Snow Tire

  • Example Model: DEF Snow Ranger
    • Pros: Excellent grip in snowy and icy conditions.
    • Cons: Limited use outside of winter.

Budget Considerations

Tire prices can vary significantly based on type and quality. Consider the cost versus the expected tire life and the conditions they’ll be used in. Sometimes, investing more upfront can save money in the long run due to longer tire life and fewer replacements.

Where to Buy

  • Authorized Dealers: Ensure authenticity and warranty coverage.
  • Online Retailers: Often have wider selections and competitive prices, but verify the seller’s reputation.
  • Local Auto Shops: Can offer insights and deals, with the added benefit of seeing the product before purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use any tire for my Polaris ranger?

You can not use any tire for your Polaris ranger. Not all tires will fit your car. For the best performance, you need one that has the right fitting and design that will get your car to perform very well.

How many tires for Polaris ranger?

The amount for tires varies. You might get from a brand at a higher rate and from another at a cheaper rate. So, the price varies from cheap to expensive, and you are left to make the decision.

Can I replace all four tires?

If there is a need for you to replace all four tires, then nothing should stop you from doing so. If you do not need to change all, then you can only change the defective tire and get your car back to the best condition.


In conclusion, choosing the best tires for your Polaris Ranger is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety on various terrains. By considering factors such as tire type, tread pattern, and durability, you can enhance the handling and traction of your vehicle.

Whether you prioritize off-road adventures or smooth rides on paved roads, there are tires available to meet your specific needs. Investing in high-quality tires not only improves the overall driving experience but also extends the lifespan of your Polaris Ranger.

Take the time to research and select the perfect set of tires that will enhance your riding experience and keep you adventuring with confidence.

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