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7 Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic (Adjustable In 2024) 7 Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic (Adjustable In 2024)

Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic- Buy the Top 7 Devices!

A cold air intake is typically an aftermarket arrangement of the modules used to bring cool and fresh air to the internal combustion engine of a vehicle. If you are searching for the best intake for FRS, keep following our article for further details! An excellent cold air intake contains a thermostatic feature that monitors the air temperature entering the intake tract of the engine. Furthermore, when the motor of the vehicle is getting cold, it provides warm air to improve output, productivity, and fuel economy.  The products can be made from different types of rubber, metal, and plastic. To get more information about it, go through the rest!

Best Intake for FRS- A Comparison Table of the Products

We have supplied a table here for the basic information of the cold air intake system. Therefore, go through the table. 

Products                                        Net Weight                    Vehicle Compatibility             Special Feature
K&N 63-3517 Cold Air Intake Kit 7.03 pounds 2016-2019 Honda Civic Greater horsepower
K&N 63-3516 Cold Air Intake Kit 8.36 pounds 2016-2019 Honda Civic Innovative construction
AEM Cold Air Intake System 8.93 pounds 2016 Honda Civic Reliable product
Injen Cold Air Intake System 48 pounds 2017-2018 Honda Civic Si Turbo Extensive construction design
DC Sports  Short Ram Air Intake System 5 pounds 2006-2011 Honda Civic Reusable and washable
K&N 69-1504TR Cold Air Intake 8.17 pounds 2017-2019 Honda Civic Si Longevity
Mishimoto Air Intake System 10 pounds 2016-2018 Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo Greater airflow

Benefits of the Honda Civic Cold Air Intake System

An extensive performance cold air intake system keeps your Honda civic models cool. We have pointed out some of the benefits of the Honda Civic cold air intake system here. Therefore, look at these points.

  • Greater horsepower
  • Enhanced acceleration
  • Boosted gas mileage
  • Increased sound
  • Chargeless for filters

Explanation of the individual components:

We have described the properties of each cold air intake system in our article. Hence, keep your eyes on it.

01. K&N 63-3517 Cold Air Intake Kit– Greater horsepower

[amazon box=”B06ZZRCZ4G” template=”vertical”] This model is perfectly fitted with Honda Civic 2016-2019 2.0L L4, 63-3517 model. This intake system is for better performance, excellent reliability, and streamlined aesthetics. It includes different types of powder coatings and finishes. It is engineered to boost the power, torque, and grip reaction while protecting the motor at a world-class level. Furthermore, it is dyno-tested and provides up to 50 percent better airflow than the OEM system. K&N intakes can be conveniently mounted and held with the cleaning of air filters required per 100000 miles. It is a Honda Civic cold air intake 10th gen model. 

Features and benefits:

  • Greater Horsepower

K&N is the leading provider of high-quality activities intake systems for trucks and cars. We think that it is one of the best models to enhance horsepower for your vehicle. In 1992, this compound came into the market. K&N makes more than 500 different part numbers and the technical staff continuously building, designing, and checking new intake air systems.

  • Washable and Reusable-High Flow Air Filter

K&N continues with the high-flow conical air filter, which blends into the engine room using mounting points and production holes. This additional filter size offers much less ventilation than the regular K&N O/E substitution filter, which is limited to the air box in the warehouse.  The exaggerated air filter often captures and retains more dirt until washing is possible to boost service life. It is the best cold air intake for Honda Civic Sport Pros:

  • Easy to mount
  • Precision design
  • Increase acceleration
  • Longevity


  • Delay response to customer

Check price at Amazon

02. K&N 63-3516 Cold Air Intake Kit– Innovative construction

[amazon box=”B06XS34NVK” template=”vertical”] This brand is also greatly fitted with Honda Civic 2016-2019 1.5L L4, 63-3516 model. It has a very innovative and creative construction design. Further, the model is the best cold air intake for Honda Civic Sport. Besides, you will get excellent longevity and a guarantee on it. At least you can enjoy 10 years/million warranties for the life of your car. This intake system on your truck or car is really easy to mount. A standard air intake system can be mounted within 90 minutes or less by using a screwdriver, ratchet, and pin collection. 

Features and benefits:

  • Extensive Protection System

Thousands of cotton microscopic fibers feature together in the cutting-edge filtration method. The innovative nature of oiled cotton layered mediums helps protect the motor from pollutants and contaminants. 

  • Increase Acceleration

A fun growling of acceleration but still the speed of the vehicle is quiet. The engine bay eliminates inventories and soundproofing materials. Moreover, this material is the Honda Civic cold air intake 10th gen model. 

  • Excellent Maintenance system

This cleaning kit consists of a six-stage maintenance procedure for the cleaning of all air filters with cotton. The washing and reusing of filter oil can restore the quality of airflow and further functions as the new intake systems.  Pros:

  • No need for any drilling or cutting
  • High-quality materials
  • Reusable and washable
  • Greater horsepower


  • Don’t adjust with Honda Civic 2.0

Check price at Amazon

03. AEM Cold Air Intake System– Reliable and durable item

[amazon box=”B01HZCVWXY” template=”vertical”] AEM cold air system is also the best cold air intake for Honda Civic Sports. This intake system output offers torque and horsepower by replacing the restrictive air filter and the fuel intake housings of your engine. The air reaches the device utilizing an over-dimensional synthetic washable AEM dry flow filter for excellent airflow, filtering, and efficiency. Furthermore, the air filter is mounted in the initial air box space and is covered by a heat shield that decreases air intake and enhances performance. Besides, it is made of the aluminum bent mandrel which has a durable powder-coated gunmetal gray finish.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent Performance Design

AEM develops its intake structures using CAD architecture, using dyno performance, on-road assessment, and racecourses to verify the results.  As a result, the performance of the compound is greater.

  • Dyno Tested

The manufacturer uses dynos for measuring power gains and checking the different diameters and lengths of the intake duct which match the high-performance requirements. 

  • Trusted component

The expertise in OEM’s performance goods has helped you to lift the standard for robust design, performance, and quality. The AEM model is also Honda Civic cold air intake 10th gen design. Pros:

  • Easy to mount and contain installation tools
  • Develop sound and acceleration
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable 


  • Delay to customer response

Check price at Amazon

04. Injen Cold Air Intake System– Unique and high-quality construction materials

[amazon box=”B07LGF84S8″ template=”vertical”] This intake system is the best for the 2017-2018 Honda Civic Si Turbo model. This device is a Honda Civic cold air intake 10th gen pattern. Increase your 2016, 2017, and 2018 Honda Civic performance with Injen’s cold air intake system completely.  The features of it- net weight are 48 pounds, the dimension of the package includes 28.25×17.5×13.25 inches and the part number of the OEM is EVO1501. Furthermore, if you purchase this product from Amazon, you will get a very reliable device for your car.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy Mounting System

The installation system for this material is very easy. You can adjust this item at home within 90 minutes or less. As a result, you can save hundreds of dollars. All the essential instruments for mounting are included in the package.

  • High-Quality Construction Materials

An Injen cold air intake system has been developed to deliver a high-quality kit without parallel to specialized engineering equipment and methods. The cold air system EVO1501 is definitely at the following stage. The proprietary Twist-Lock technology uses the EVO1501 single piece sealed housing to safely repair the Web dry SuperNano air filter. Injen put everything on the table to provide you, the client, with the best possible intake system.  Pros:

  • Extensive guarantee
  • Standard quality materials
  • Improve sound and acceleration
  • Longevity


  • Delay response

Check price at Amazon

05. DC Sports Short Ram Air Intake System– Reusable and washable

[amazon box=”B003TKTVGC” template=”vertical”] The DC Sports model is CARB compliant and widely matched with Honda Civic 2006-2011 EX or LX or DX design. Each package of the system provides an air filter that does not need oil, so there is no risk of contaminating the airflow sensor that can cause power losses and increased fuel usages. The item is a short Ram intake system that helps to remove the filter box and resonator, gives the air a short distance, and increases power and strength.  However, the air is pulling out of the motor bay, so that the supply air will become warmer than for cold intake air.

Features and benefits:

  • High Filtration Rate

The filtration rate of this air intake system is high. Very small diameter particles like micron substances can be filtered. As a result, the engine will be affected very little by pollutants and contaminants. Further, you can get long-lasting service from this intake system.

  • Highly Building Materials

The component consists of very high-quality stainless steel mesh and is mounted on a kit that is silver polished. By washing it a second time, you can reuse this device and can get a sensation as the new one. This air intake system supplies the best heat protection and better breathing capabilities.  Pros:

  • Reusable
  • Easy mounting process
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent performance


  • Delay customer response

Check price at Amazon

06. K&N 69-1504TR Cold Air Intake Kit– Long-lasting device

[amazon box=”B0775WTRY3″ template=”vertical”] K&N air intake system is widely fit with Honda Civic Si 2017-2019 L4 1.5L 69-1504TR model. It helps to enhance the horsepower of your Honda Civic. Furthermore, the version is Honda Civic cold air intake 10th gen model. Dyno checks this item for up to 50 percent better airflow than factory-restrictive air filters and intake tubes. The device has 8.17 pounds in weight, dimension 18.27×14.49×8.5 inches, and model number 69-1504TR. Therefore, you will check the accurate size of the product for your Honda Civic adjustment.  On top of that, ten years/million miles of warranty exclusively cover the vehicle’s life. 

Features and benefits:

  • Greater Performance

The product increases torque and strength to the engine with a sheet of aluminum twisted in the dip. Each machine is combined with an oiled cotton fiber media that is reusable, washable, and flowing.  The over-dimensional conical filter configuration allows you to drive through filters up to 100000 miles under standard road conditions. An airbox or custom heating shields protect the intake system from the engine bay’s high temperature.

  • Excellent Maintenance System

No cleaning filters are needed for up to 100000 miles. With simple hand tools, you can mount this kit in 90 minutes or less. One of the best ways to ensure a performance improvement is by K&N air intake systems.  Moreover, push motor safety limits by protecting the motor from dangerous pollutants. Pros:

  • Develop engine sound
  • Excellent towing
  • Long-lasting product life
  • Guaranteed and higher horsepower


  • Doesn’t adjust with the 2018 Honda Civic Sports

Check price at Amazon

07. Mishimoto Cold Air Intake System– Greater airflow system

[amazon box=”B01L3M8FJ6″ template=”vertical”] It is a higher performance air intake system and highly suited with Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo 2016, 2017, and 2018 versions. This item is dyno-proven and provides up to 10 wtq and 9 whp on the stock tune. Furthermore, its smooth architecture reduces the restrictions and increases airflow. Moreover, the device involves the MMAI-CIV-16BK model number. Mishimoto provides everything you like including hardware and quality worm-gear clamps for quick installation. Compared with the stock filter, it’s completely operable oiled air filter raises the filter surface area.

Features and benefits:

  • Trustable Item

It is a brand that consumers are willing to give satisfaction in results and the consumers know that we are there to help our goods in every way. 

  • Excellent Packaging System

We have crafted high-end packaging carefully and intentionally for all of our goods to secure your purchase as we agree that a superior product requires a superior appearance. Furthermore, product construction materials are silicone. The silicone supply arm supported by steel wire increases ventilation and retains the power of air intake temperatures. Moreover, the inclusive black airbox prohibits the entrance of unnecessary hot air into the air filter. Pros:

  • High-quality materials
  • Easy mounting process
  • Reliable 
  • Long-lasting and stylish


  • Little scratches

Check price at Amazon

How to Pick the Best Intake for FRS?

  • Check Materials

It is also the main factor that you need to test before buying. As we have described above, it is to eliminate the heat collection that the warmer air will flow through your engine and the colder air will flow. Make sure that you pick one that is made of heatproof materials.

  • Check Specific Design for Vehicle

Manufactures of cold air intake build them to conform to particular engine sizes, manufactures, years, and styles. First of all, you have to check that you are ordering the specific size device and install it in your car.

  • Check the Cold Air Intake Style

The next thing is the cold air intake system’s type or style. The intake types are normally two: one is a short ram system and another is a true cold air intake system. Short Ram System: This intake system makes it much easier to reach the air filter. Its architecture also requires less fabrication work or plumbing.  True Cold Air Intake: This system emphasizes the need to move the air filters as far as possible. It creates more excess cold airflow than the configuration of the short ram.  

  • Water Protection

It is also essential to buy a cold air supply aftermarket with plenty of water or wet weather protection. Finally, you wish that some water is drained into the cold air, which can lead to devastating motor failure. 

  • Check Intake Tube Flow

It is a straight line to get from A to B, so it is also essential to take into consideration the flow of the tube. For cold air intake systems, this principle makes major differences. If you have plain slices, the air flows more quickly compared to a curved one. 

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What are the best cold air intakes?

Answer: There are a number of the best cold air intake systems that will provide your car engine pollution and contaminants free. Here is a list:

  • Injen cold air intake system
  • AEM cold air intake system
  • K&N 69 series cold air intake system
  • K&N 63 series cold air intake system
  • K&N 57 series cold air intake system
  • Others 
  • Do cold air intakes make difference?

Answer: While actual power figures and even higher fuel efficiencies can vary, the awesome news is that cold air intakes can help boost your car’s efficiency. However, you can build a much more effective machine when you mix cold air with other engine improvements such as a new exhaust. 

  • Can a cold air intake damage your engine?

Answer: Since the cold air intake impacts the engine, the dirty, obstructed, or ineffective cold air intake will reduce car output and fuel saving. The engine output is decreased when the filter becomes too dirty.

  • Do cold air intakes add horsepower?

Answer: Cold air intakes have been constructed to flow more effectively than standard airflow assemblies from the automobile facility. It is so necessary that the quick method by which the filter is diverted to generate cooler air is excellent for gain in hp power of around 5 to 20 ponies in most automobiles.

  • Do you need to tune your car after cold air intake?

Answer: No, once you have mounted a cold air intake, you don’t have to tune your engine. It is Pricey to tune the vehicle and it’s just worth mentioning the cost to maximize the intake of cold air. A cold intake of air is a low-cost, simple improvement without tuning.

  • What does a cold air intake do for a car?

Answer: You transfer the air filter outside the engine of the compartment while mounting the cold air intake so that air can be drawn into the engine for burning. This cool air is more concentrated in oxygen, ensuring that your car has more power and more combustion fuel.  

Our Recommended Pick

For greater horsepower and longevity, K&N 69 series and 63 series cold air intakes will be the perfect selection for your Honda Civic. AEM cold air intake system is also excellent for reliability. Therefore, you can purchase these cold air intakes. Related Post: Intake FOr FRS

Final Words:

The air intake system fills the motor with the cold and abundant air it must supply to provide pneumatic power. We have reviewed a complete line of kits and air intakes for almost any car that is easy to mount.  By choosing an excellent performing cold air intake system, you can develop your car’s performance and longevity. Moreover, these cold intake systems help to drive the engine more smoothly by excellent airflow.  The information on the best intake for FRS will help you to purchase your needed one. Further, you will get an extensive performance, reliable, authentic, and long-lasting cold air intake system.

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