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7 Best E46 M3 Exhaust- Updated 2022 7 Best E46 M3 Exhaust- Updated 2022

Best E46 M3 Exhaust – Buy High-Quality Top 7 Items!

People use an exhaust device in their car for removing exhaust gas reactions away from a controlled burning system into a furnace or generator. The construction of the car’s exhaust system manages your car’s harmful emissions. 

These exhaust systems help remove toxic hydrocarbons directly from passengers and drivers and decrease the air pollution that your vehicle produces and releases into the atmosphere. Further, it helps to preserve air cleanliness in the environment.

If you are looking for the best E46 M3 exhaust for your BMW, go through our article. We have provided the top 7 E46 M3 exhaust system. Therefore, to know more, read the rest of our article!

Explanation of the Top 7 E46 M3 Exhaust System

We have explained the unique features of the E46 M3 exhaust systems. Every property of the component will surprise you and provide higher performance.

1. PG POWERGO MOTORSPORT Exhaust– Increasing flow properties

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This model is the best E46 M3 exhaust header for 1992-2000 BMW S52, M52, S50, M50, and 3.2L, 2.8L, 3.2L 2.5L for 23M, Z3, M3 models. Further, these exhaust systems are suitable with 328i, 325i, and 323 I models for BMW E36.

Furthermore, the materials consist of TIG-welded construction. The device’s construction provides resistance under high temperature and pressure against wearing and cracking. They also contain a positively working flange. Flanges are chromium-coated to improve resistance to corrosion and surface longevity.

Moreover, the brushing surface of the pipe provides an additional coat of corrosion protection. The product has a 17×13×6 inches dimension, and the exterior design of the material is good finishing polished.

Features and benefits:

  • Higher performance

These E46 M3 exhaust system supplies more excellent performance because they are made of high-quality materials and engineered. The headers of this device have an even-length short tubes configuration, which is most useful for supplying horsepower and gain from idle up to medium size RPM.

This model is the best for street racing performance.

  • Sturdy flange with leak-free seal

The cylinders’ flange is precision cut out from 0.45 inches thick CNC laser-cut steel sheets to supply the optimum fit and strength. The hydraulic press system flattens these exhausts to provide optimum sealing and leak-free dressing surfaces.


  • High-quality materials
  • Longevity
  • Leak-free component
  • Corrosion and rust-free


  • Poor fitment

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2. Manzo USA Exhaust– High-quality materials

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This model is the superior E46 M3 cat-back exhaust system. It perfectly fits with the 2001-2006 3.2L l6 S54B32 BMW M3 model. The construction materials of the component are very high quality. They are made of stainless steel components. Furthermore, they have a perfect finishing.

The net weight of this exhaust system is 30 pounds. The price of these compounds is meager than any other exhaust in the market. You can purchase it with your small money. Furthermore, you can get very long-lasting exhaust systems for your BMW models.

Features and benefits:

  • Installation method

The mounting system of this exhaust is straightforward. But there is no instruction on the installation process. For these reasons, you need to hire a professional expert to adjust this exhaust system. The necessary instruments are provided for the installation method.

  • Amazing sounds

 There is no rattle during riding, even though one hanger is used on the left side. Sounds friendly with nothing or containing little rasp. Get a rich sound, and it’s roaring to life, but not too loud for everyday driving.


  • Greater performance
  • Qualitative materials
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent finishing


  • No instruction for the mounting 

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3. Blackhorse-Racing Exhaust System: Lightweight

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This brand is the best racing performance exhaust system. It is highly compatible with BMW E46 Z3 E39 2.5L 2.8L 3.0L L6 323i and 328i. The item is 100 percent new, and you will get longevity from it. 

Some noticeable features like the exhaust system’s outlet size are 2 inches, primary tube size is 1.75 inches, and the head flange thickness is 7/16 inches. Furthermore, the outlet flange thickness of this product is 3/8 inches. 

This E46 M3 exhaust system adjusts with only an LHD design. They don’t change with international RHD design as it approaches the column of the steering.  

Features and benefits:

Quality construction materials:

These exhaust systems contain MIG and TIG welded construction. This construction material makes this device light in weight, and the header features of this component are the piping design. Further, the materials’ composition is increasing the horsepower of the engine, which is about 5-10HP.

Mounting process:

During installation, adjustments or modifications can be needed. You can mount it yourself if you know the mounting process. But there is no direction for the building; therefore, we will recommend you to engage a professional for it. The package involves gaskets with two exhaust headers and essential hardware.


  • Widely compatible with BMW engines
  • Extensive piping design
  • Lightweight
  • Shiny


  • No direction for installation

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4. Yonaka Motorsports Exhaust System: Greater style and construction

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Yonaka Motorsports exhaust is the best E46 M3 full exhaust system built with AR-style resonators. They are crafted in Canada and in the USA to eliminate the irritating rasp detected in the M3. Further, this device is adjustable with 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3.

The device has 21 pounds weight and the part number of the manufacturer YMCBMP-M3-RASP. Moreover, it is an anti-scratching pipe. This compound has 2.5 inches tube bent on both mandrels. It doesn’t impact pollution and smog checks as catalytic converters stay in the headings.

Features and benefits:

High-quality materials:

This device is the E46 M3 titanium exhaust system that is made of 304 stainless steel materials. Furthermore, the construction of this device is TIG welded. As a result, this item works excellent against rust and any corrosion. Further, you enjoy the long-lasting exhaust system.

Mounting method:

The product is the superior aftermarket exhaust system. Necessary bolts and hardware are supplied for installation to do it directly if you are a specialist. We like to suggest you appoint a professional to mount it without any issue.


  • Greater welded building system
  • Longevity
  • Corrosion and rust-free
  • Excellent design and style


  • Poor customer support

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5. Maxon Auto Corp. Exhaust System– Higher horsepower

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This Maxon Auto is a manifold header performance exhaust system. Besides, it fits with 1998-2006 BMW E46 versions, 2001-2003 BMW E39 5 series 3.0L/2.8L/2.5L engines, and 2002-2005 BMW E85 Z4 3.0L/2.8L/2.5L engines. This item is also a 100 percent new model. There is no dent or any other scratches.

This device has 2 inches outlet size, 1.75 inches primary tube size, and further, it contains greater horsepower, which is almost 5 to 10 HP. The horsepower increase according to the current settings of the device. 

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight

The material composition makes the item light. As a result, this component doesn’t add any extra weight to your BMW. So, it will not hamper the speed and functioning of the vehicle. This design contains less weight piping construction with header features 6-2-1.

  • Composition materials

The construction composition is very standard. The product consists of MIG and TIG welded technology. Further, the outlet flange’s thickness is 3/8 inches, and the thickness of the head flange is 7/16 inches. 

On top of that, for the mounting process, you need experts to install it. There is no direction for installation. The package contains gaskets with one set of exhaust headers. 


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent horsepower
  • High-quality materials


  • Only LHD design fitment

Check price at Amazon

6. aFe Power Exhaust System– Powerful sound and torque

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This model is also an extensive performance cat-back exhaust system. It is perfectly match with BMW E46 330i/ci 325i/ci 2001-2006 L6-2.5/3.0L M54. Dual, twin-wall angle cuts 304 stainless steel tips are used to complete this exhaust operation.

Furthermore, some features of the model like it has 45 pounds weight, the model number is 49-46309, the exterior design is natural, and the model is MACH Force-XP. This E46 M3 cat-back exhaust uses both positions on the factory hanger to mount without any complications. There is no need for any modification.

Features and benefits:

  • Greater torque and horsepower

This exhaust provides ample torque and horsepower. The torque of the device is 15 lbs. × ft. and the horsepower is 13. This higher horsepower makes the BMW performance more extraordinary. With a 2.25€ pipe that enhances efficiency across the entire band of power while retaining a superb sound, the system employs a true dual and double output high flow muffler.

  • Greater construction

This exhaust system is made out of 2.25€ bent steel mandrel 409 and MIG welded for enormous power and strength. This excellent construction makes the product live for a long.


  • Extensive construction materials
  • Environment friendly
  • Larger torque and horsepower
  • Long-lasting


  • Not fit for the E90 engine

Check price at Amazon

7. Status Gruppe Exhaust System– Lightweight

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Status Gruppe is the best E46 M3 un-resonated version exhaust system. It is incredibly suitable with BMW E46 2001-2006 section 1. Furthermore, it is matching with an un-resonated version of Egt+ w/ 02 bungs. 

Furthermore, the component is the lightweight, super sprint racing exhaust system. It is composed of Titanium materials. This E46 M3 Titanium exhaust helps you to get long-lasting service from the product. Agency Power V2 looks very near to this device.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick mounting system

The mounting process is very straightforward, but there is no direction for fitting this device. Therefore, we will recommend you to appoint a professional. The package involves gaskets with the necessary set of the exhaust. 

  • Greater warranty

Amazon is the most fantastic and reliable source for purchasing an exhaust system. They provide extensive guarantee on this item. This device is widely compatible with BMW models and long-lasting because the system’s construction composition is very standard. Besides, Amazon supplies an excellent return back policy on this system.

  • Budget-friendly

The price of the exhaust system is meager than any other method. You can purchase it with your limited money and get the 100 percent new version.


  • Cost-effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Highly functional
  • Excellent style and construction


  • No direction for installation

Relevant Post:

Best E46 M3 exhaust- A Comparison Table of the Top 7 Products

We have provided a comparison table to supply the basic idea about the products. Hence, keep your eyes on it.

Products Net Weight Vehicle Compatibility Special Feature
13 pounds 1992-2000 BMW 3-series E36 models Increasing flow properties
  • Manzo Exhaust
30 pounds 2001-2006 BMW E46 models High-quality materials
14.69 pounds Wide compatibility. BMW E46, E39, Z3, and so on Lightweight
  • Yonaka Motorsports Exhaust
21 pounds 2001- 2006 BMW E46 models Greater style and construction
  • Maxon Auto Corp. Exhaust
pounds i. 1998-2006 BMW E46

ii. 2001-2003 BMW E39

iii. 2002-2005 BMW E85

Higher horsepower
  • aFe Power Exhaust
45 pounds BMW E46 and M54 Powerful sound and torque
  • Status Gruppe Exhaust
12 lbs.  2001-2006 BMW E46 models Lightweight

How to Choose the Best E46 M3 Exhaust?

By selecting the appropriate E46 M3 exhaust system, you can enjoy long-lasting and durable items. But before going to purchase these items, you need to remember some points.

  • Exhaust Construction

The construction of exhaust can be mandrel bends or crush bends type. Piping bends are the critical difference between aftermarket and stock exhaust systems. The stock exhaust tube is customarily formed using a crush bending technique. Though crush bending is a fast and straightforward process, it also contributes to the limitation of rolling pipe bends’ efficiency.

The aftermarket exhaust firms use a method known as mandrel bending to remove these constraints. This procedure uses a lightweight rod inserted in the drainage channel. This flexible rod stops the tube walls from cracking or twisting when the rod is twisted. The effect is a cohesive tube diameter without limiting curves.

  • Check Exhaust Materials

The expert technicians manufacture these exhaust systems from various materials in applications like stainless steel or mild steel. The most significant value of a mild steel exhaust is its expense. Although these systems are going to save you money, they are going to corrode or rust. 

Stainless steel prevents rust and is suitable for snowy or wet climates. 

  • Check the Exhaust Configuration

The design of an exhaust system is another significant factor in choosing it. Dual crossover, dual, and single configurations are standard. 

The most popular configuration is the single exhaust system. This configuration has a single collection of exhaust elements, including an exhaust muffler that naturally flows behind the car’s axle. 

With wide tube diameter and less restricting mandrel bends, the aftermarket exhaust systems can supply a substantial improvement in efficiency over inventory. Furthermore, they are typically cheaper and lighter than real dual-rear exhaust.

Dual exhausts are essentially a variation on individual exhaust systems. These exhaust systems have an identical arrangement as a single exhaust like a muffler, converter, and one headpipe – except they have two exhaust tips that exit from the muffler. This style doesn’t have performance benefits but a few hot rodders like the double tips to add performance.

  • Exhaust Type

The three primary forms of exhaust systems are axle-back, cat-back, and header-back. It depends on what type of E46 M3 exhaust system you prefer.

For many factors, the Cat-back system is the most common exhaust from several. Its mechanism is a relatively quick improvement to unlock the gas supply. This result is substantial power gains, even though the correct quantity of power depends on the rest of the stock exhaust compounds and the catalytic converters’ configuration.

The free exhaust flow will also add to your engine’s performance, which increases the fuel economy. This Cat-back system often emits more aggressive notes of exhaust and usually is emission-legal since catalytic converters continue in operation.

An axle-back system provides a rear-axle exhaust mechanism. Although the cat-back system produces more strength, the alternative of an axle-back course has several benefits. An adequately engineered axle-back exhaust offers power advantages over inventory exhaust and less costly than the equivalent cat-back system. This system is more comfortable to mount and can supply the desired output exhaust sounds. 

Frequently Ask Questions

  • How will you know the actual size of the E46 M3 exhaust?

Answer: The fast and straightforward way to calculate the pipe’s diameter from headers to mufflers is to revert to the old thumb rule, which requires one of the total pipe diameters in the entire system for every 100 HP. For instance, a 500 HP motor requires a 2.5 inches dual exhaust.

  • What E46 M3 exhaust system sounds the best?

Answer: There are lots of exhausts that we recommend for your BMW M3. From several, E46 M3 Magna Flow exhaust, E46 M3 Corsa exhaust, PG POWERGO MOTORSPORTS exhaust, and so on will be the perfect option.

  • How will you improve the sound of your E46 M3 exhaust?

Answer: There are a few standard methods.

  • Replace your muffler with one that improves your vehicle’s sound. The output of a supply muffler’s sound would be dramatically enhanced by straight-pipe constructions, straight exhaust, and gasket packets.
  • Add a tip for sound enhancement.
  • Enhance the height of your exhaust by a diameter of 1/2″ to 1″.

Our Recommended Pick

For street driving, you can purchase a PG POWERGO MOTORSPORTS exhaust system. Furthermore, for racing performance and more amazing excellent sound, the Blackhorse E46 M3 exhaust system will be the best selection for you. 

You would want to use free-flow solutions to maximize the power and louder those who suggest connecting a supercharger and the Super Sprint is excellent for the job. 

Final Verdict

Always exhaust the system of your BMW to increase the necessary horsepower and further performance. Therefore, choosing the perfect one for you is very important. A perfect E46 M3 exhaust can improve the sounds, remove the toxic materials, and keep the environment clean.

We believe that the best E46 m3 exhaust’s legal information will help you get your desire one according to your BMW car models. But we will suggest you check the accurate size of the exhaust system before buying. Further, you will enjoy the reliable, durable, and authentic exhaust system. Hence, buy the best one for your BMW now from here!

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