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How to Clean Cold Air Intake Easily - Updated Guideline 2021 How to Clean Cold Air Intake Easily - Updated Guideline 2021

How to Clean Cold Air Intake – Total Procedure Step By Step

The cold air intake is a device that supplies cold air to the engine and increases fuel efficiency. It is generally used in cars or garages as it supplies clean air, so the higher its efficacy, the higher amount of dust particles adhere to this.

So if we want to get higher performance from it, we need to clean it properly. Do you have any clue, How to clean cold air intake? In this article, we have gathered all the procedures in detail to guide you in the right track.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake filter is an essential part of the vehicle or garage to get better performance. There are various types of cold air intake available in the store. For different purposes, different cold air intake filters are used.

For example, Honda civic air intake is mostly preferable for Honda. Due to the lower price, jeep air intake is preferable for cars. On the other hand, because of providing higher horsepower Camaro v6 intake is selectable.

So, according to your demand, you can easily choose a cold air intake filter. When you are willing to use a cold air intake filter, it is crucial to clean it timely. The detailed procedure of how to clean cold air intake is given below :

How to Clean Cold Air Intake – Details Procedure

  • First step – Detachment of cold air intake filter :

First of all, you should detach the filter from the place where you have used it. Without the detachment, you can’t move the filter from the vehicle or garage. By using the screwdriver, you can easily detach it. Then take it to the place where you want to clean it. Never try to clean the filter when it is attached to the vehicles or garages.

  • Second step – Dry wash:

After separating the filter, you should clean it. You can clean it through cloth or shop-vac to vacuum. For the cleaning process, the vacuum condition is best. It will bring out any dust particles from the filter. Without dry washing, you can’t clean the filter properly. It is also helpful for the next steps of cleaning.

  • The third step –

Washing with water. Some people skip this step. But confirming the best cleaning, it is an important step. After dry washing, you should clean your filter with a flash of water. It will remove the remaining dust after dry washing.

Washing with water is also helpful for detergent washing. After dry cleaning, if you directly go through detergent washing, it may decrease the detergent’s effectiveness. So it is better to perform water washing after dry washing.

  • Fourth step – Washing by using detergent :

This step is the most important in cleaning. After water washing, you should soak the filter within detergent mixed water. Keep it in wet condition for 10-15 minutes. Then clean out the filter and dry it. To clean the filter, add a few drops of dish detergent to a gallon of water. Then soak the filter into the water for 15 minutes. You can also use K&N ® synthetic air filter cleaner spray to clean the cold air intake filter.

  • Fifth step – Drying :

After cleaning, you must dry the filter. It may take 4 to 5 hours. So try to clean it during the evening. If you need to dry it immediately, you can use the hairdryer for this purpose.

  • Sixth step – Oil spray :

After cleaning the cold air intake filter, you can spray oil over it. During spraying, you should apply oil all over the filter. It will protect your filter from corrosion. It is also helpful for the entrapment of dust particles.

Finally, remount the clean cold air intake into your vehicle or garage. It would help if you used the screwdriver for this purpose. After remounting, you should check it out, is fixed or not. Now, you will find that the performance of the engine is comparatively better than the previous. Before Install the air intake you should spary it.


  • Can provide clean air
  • Increase the efficiency of the engine
  • Improve the mileage of gas
  • Increased acceleration
  • Provides more horsepower
  • Reusable filter


  • It enhances the sound

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How to clean cold air intake?

By following the detailed direction given in this article, you can easily clean up your cold air
intake filter.

  • Why should a person clean cold air intake regularly?

A person should clean the cold air intake to remove the dust particles from it. If it is not
cleaned, the efficiency of the engine will reduce gradually. Finally, it may also fail to provide
clean air.

  • Can clean cold air intake increase the efficiency of the engine?

Ans: Of course, it can. It is also helpful for the cold air intake to perform its work correctly.

  •  Is cold air intake suitable for the garage?

Yes. It is not only suitable for the car but also for the garage.

  • Which jeep filter is available in the market at the lowest price?

Ans: At a lower price, jeep civic air intake is available. Its quality is also good.

  • How can I understand that the filter needs to clean?

When your cold air intake filter becomes dirty, you can easily understand it by following
those activities -

  • Reduced efficiency of the engine
  • Reduced efficiency of fuel
  • The check engine light will remain on


We know that the cleaning of cold air intake is essential. It is also essential for acquiring the proper activity from the engine. From the overall discussion of how to clean cold air intake, we can see that it's a simple process.

By following these steps, you can easily clean your cold air intake. It will also increase the lifetime of your cold air intake. So clean your cold air intake by following these steps. I can assure you that it will be beneficial for you.

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